APAC Issue 9 2018

APAC / Issue 9 2018 29 , TrueCommerce Datalliance has announced that it has added Customer Care staff in Shanghai, China. The expanded teamwill be supporting the growing number of TrueCommerce supply chain customers throughout Asia-Pacific in Chinese and English languages. TrueCommerce Datalliance Opens Asia-Pacific Office in Shanghai, China to Offer Regional Multilingual Support TrueCommerce revolutionizes trading partner connectivity, visibility, and collaboration by linking suppliers, retail hubs and end consumers in one global commerce network. Overseeing the new Customer Care staff is Yves Boelpaep, General Manager Europe for TrueCommerce Datalliance. “Our Customer Care team is critical in helping our consumer and industrial customers manage their supply chains,” said Yves Boelpaep. “Because our team is responsible for setting up new distributors, testing, alert notifications, and other tasks that keep suppliers’ goods flowing to their destination, it is important for us to assist APAC suppliers and distributors in Chinese and English and do it in multiple time zones. Our customers are already seeing the benefits.” One of the first customers supported by the APAC Customer Care team is Rockwell, a global manufacturer of industrial automation and information products. “Having dedicated Customer Care representatives increases our efficiency,” said Rockwell Distributors Inventory Planning Manager for AP and EMEA Simon Yang. “And, this really shows TrueCommerce Datalliance’s dedication to our success.” Yves Boelpaep stated, “This is another step forward in not only creating better supply chain replenishment services, but also leveraging eCommerce solutions from TrueCommerce.” TrueCommerce Datalliance helps organizations make the most of the supply chain collaboration benefits by offering vendor managed inventory offerings along with trading partner connectivity and integration solutions. With unified commerce services and apps, TrueCommerce connects customers, suppliers, channels, and systems through a Global Commerce Network that includes more than 92,000 pre-connected retailers, distributors and logistics service providers.