Issue 8 2020

24 Acquisition International - Issue 8 2020 t speaks to the professionalism and expertise of the team at Boaz Ben Zur & Co. that the firm is ranked amongst the leading law firms in Israel, and is consistently ranked at the top of the professional ratings. Since its inception, the firm has taken it upon itself to represent clients in litigation across all of its many different legal forums, including arbitration and mediation procedures, national commissions of inquiry, and other various tribunals. Of its many different legal specializations, Boaz Ben Zur & Co. especially focuses its efforts in litigation and dispute resolution in a wide range of legal areas, including commercial law, capital market and securities, civil law, white collar crime, labor law, and public law. Whether the dedicated and professional team are handling large-scale and complex cases, or a simple open-and-shut case, everyone is superb throughout the process. Led by Adv. Boaz Ben Zur, the firm has been in safe hands ever since its formation. Mr Ben Zur is considered by many to be one of the finest litigators in Israel, and has been responsible for setting legal precedents currently in place in the country today. With more than thirty years in the field of litigation, his experience is second to none. As if that were not enough, Mr Ben Zur also serves as an arbitrator and mediator alongside offering legal representation, and is a lecturer of commercial and civil law, amongst other things, in professional seminars of the Israel Bar Association and law schools. No matter the case size, Mr Ben Zur makes it a point to be personally involved in the handling of each case in the firm, and leads the process with a team whose experience rivals that of his own. Across every case, the vast experience of Mr Boaz Ben Zur and his entire team is incredibly prevalent, especially in the provision of extensive and in-depth legal advice according to the unique needs of each case. Ever since it began, the firm has continued to effortlessly accrue an even greater and more excellent professional reputation, and has since been involved in multiple high-profile cases. In every case, the dedicated attorneys closely accompany the clients whilst providing them with immediate responses, as well as assistance in building a unique strategy and finding sophisticated and creative solutions. There are few things worse than having to navigate a messy and toxic litigation case on your own, without the backing of a seasoned litigation boutique. Boaz Ben Zur & Co. and every one of its attorneys and paralegal staff accompany clients through legal and business conflicts, alongside offering ongoing consultation for proper conduct in order to avoid I When it comes to requiring the services of a boutique litigation firm, there is little room for error in making the right choice. Having strong representation is unquestionably important, regardless of the nature of the case at hand. Boaz Ben Zur & Co. is a boutique law firm in Israel, specializing in litigation. As well as being ranked amongst the leading firms in the country, the firm has also been named in Acquisition International magazine as the Most Outstanding Litigation Boutique 2020 – Israel. Join us as we find out why. Apr20040 Impeccable Israeli Litigation Leads Legal Field unnecessary litigation where possible. Throughout its history, the firm’s goal has remained unchanged; to find and create the optimal legal solution for each client, while understanding the specific needs of each client. However, it is not enough to simply understand the needs of each client. Rather, Boaz Ben Zur & Co. carefully assesses the risks and complications entailed in each situation, before moving equally carefully in pursuit of the optimal solution. The range of clients that Boaz Ben Zur & Co. has represented across its history is extensive, and just as impressive. Even just the breadth of client shows a range of knowledge and expertise that is hard to beat in the industry, having represented leading entities of the Israeli elite business sector. With major insurance companies, fuel companies, tourism companies, real-estate companies, unions, private companies and individuals, public figures, universities, and media figures making up just a handful of the clients, Boaz Ben Zur & Co. is truly a haven of legal brilliance in tumultuous times. Understanding that having a strong litigation team is the difference between a good result and the best result, Boaz Ben Zur & Co. is the perfect example of a litigation firm delivering exceptional work. The firm’s team of advocates dedicated to litigation are experienced jurists, having graduated from Israel’s leading educational institutions and law firms. Emphasizing creativity, meticulous research, and uncompromising solutions for every client, Boaz Ben Zur & Co. is one of the most outstanding legal firms in the whole of Israel. Website: BEN ZUR L A W O F F I C E S