Issue 8 2020

22 Acquisition International - Issue 8 2020 Celebrating Healthcare Software Success Healthcare software has changed dramatically over the last few years, with new developments giving companies enormous potential to improve productivity, efficiency and results. The team at Total ABA Powered by Inviscid Software have made it their mission to achieve startling results for their clients, which is how they earned the title of Most Innovative Healthcare Software Developer 2020 – California in this year’s Global Excellence Awards. We look more closely at the firm to find out more. oftware solutions can transform a business, with different areas of the healthcare industry requiring different ways of thinking. For therapists and caregivers, Total ABA is an integral part of their success in effectively providing Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) and Behavioral Health services. It is important that the software be easy to use and quickly understood. Total ABA stands apart as the only ABA software provider hosted on the Salesforce platform, offering the security and customization capabilities that are the highest standard in the software industry. For clients, the benefits of the software speak for themselves. Total ABA is designed to be a modular system, tying together the four most important aspects of running any therapy practice; practice management, clinical data collection, billing and a HIPAA compliant patient portal, making it easy to incorporate into clinics of any size. This modular approach not only allows the different aspects of the business to be integrated with each other seamlessly, it also means that a solution can be customized to suit the specific needs of each client. For providers, adopting Total ABA’s solution is an important factor in optimizing revenue, saving time and running a business more cost effectively. Total ABA’s approach to customer support is second to none, offering a personalized service that involves active listening and clear communication. Putting the client at the heart of the process has been key to Total ABA’s success, with the team providing a nimble, responsive and communicative way of working that generates a positive response from customers. The entire product portfolio of Total ABA can be used across the behavioral health industry, with the team thoroughly committed to finding new ways in which to provide more flexible options and improve productivity. When combined as one, all the modules allow for a fully integrated platform which is completely secure and HIPAA compliant. Every aspect of a practice’s operations is covered by Total ABA software, with practice management and billing software making it easy to run these businesses cost-effectively, while the clinical and patient portal solutions make working with clients and families more productive and effective. Looking forward, Total ABA is ideally positioned for growth in the Behavioral Health Industry. It currently holds a strong reputation in the market, and the team is determined not to let that goodwill go to waste. Like all businesses, it responds to the needs of the marketplace, and S Apr20086 with over 2% of the population on the Autism Spectrum, and millions of individuals in need of speech, physical and occupational therapy, there is a clear need for tools that can support therapists’ activities. The main aim of Total ABA’s business, moving forward, is to continue evolving and staying ahead of industry demands. They are focused on implementing Telehealth and additional design features to provide more options for therapists and behavioral health providers. While software offerings must continue to grow and evolve, Total ABA understands the importance of maintaining their highest standards of customer service. In all, the success of a business such as Total ABA Software comes from its ability to help its clients more effectively provide services to those they serve. While this is not always easy, achieving it can create incredible opportunities. For the healthcare system, with its specific needs and demands, Total ABA has the potential to transform therapy businesses, establishing them for unlimited growth potential. Contact: Larry Morgan Web Address: Total ABA’s approach to customer support is second to none, offering a personalized service that involves active listening and clear communication.