Issue 8 2020

Acquisition International - Issue 8 2020 21 An Advisor Enabling Your Business to Succeed Growth pains are a problem for all successful businesses, especially SMEs wanting to take their next big step. The team at JMotivatE, led by Jeremy Evans, excels at this type of challenge. Having achieved success in Acquisition International’s Global Excellence Awards 2020, when the firm was named Best M&A Advisory Business – London , we thought we’d look more closely at how they did it. eremy Evans has a real enthusiasm and passion for the work he undertakes, and with a successful career behind him, culminating as Global CFO of Equiom, the last in a long line of accomplished roles, he retired in early 2019. Retirement, however, doesn’t suit all, and only a few months later he had created JMotivatE. JMotivatE is his venture built on a deep desire to inspire others by sharing expertise in how to deliver exceptional business success. Designed to provide experienced executive leadership support that can transform a company, Jeremy and his team have been able to pick and choose the work that they undertake. Instead of working for a client, they work with a client. Clients are also assured that the JMotivatE team are working with them and ensuring they are totally committed to getting the best possible client outcomes as they are not constrained by a conventional need for an immediate financial reward, instead, the key focus for both is on delivering results that make a tangible difference. The JMotivatE approach is to be flexible on the commercials of any engagement, replacing consulting fees with equity investment or performance based reward upon the achievement of corporate goals, if goals are not met, then no fee is charged, it’s that simple. It is this true partnership approach that sets JMotivatE apart. Many of the clients of JMotivatE are looking for experienced people who genuinely understand the challenges being a mid-tier SME. What JMotivatE offers is a mix of executive mentoring, leadership coaching, interim management, non-executive advisory and consultancy projects which have the potential to revolutionise any company. That said, the JMotivatE team can demonstrate a particular specialism in M&A advisory, with experience from over thirty Acquisition and Integration projects globally and having raising hundreds of millions in Private Equity and Institutional Investment. The world of M&A, private equity and debt finance can be a particular minefield, but the team at JMotivatE have proven themselves time and time again. Their success, however, is best demonstrated by the way in which they find new business with most engagements a result of positive referrals through word of mouth. Previous clients speak incredibly highly of the work that Jeremy and his team have achieved. With experience that crosses many business sectors, including Financial Services, HR & Recruitment Outsourcing, Operational Management, Finance Outsourcing, Technology, Social Housing, many different companies have benefited from the work of the JMotivatE team. This success is also a reflection of the people working at JMotivatE, successful, dedicated and experienced entrepreneurs looking to J May20181 give back, especially to those who have not yet had their own shot at success. These expectations come from an enduring passion to do an outstanding job, allowing ideas that, to some, might seem unorthodox, to be bounced around and formulated and implemented. Instead of pandering to the mediocre, they encourage exceptional talent, by pushing every member of the team to attempt to exceed expectations. For JMotivatE, winners are not the people who have never failed, they are the ones who never quit. As a relatively new company, JMotivatE has gotten off to an excellent start. While technology is having an increased impact across every sector, JMotivatE has made the distinct decision to offer clients ‘the people experience’, not just product. Built on years of expertise, it is little wonder that SME businesses have begun to turn to Jeremy to help them find their own success. This is a team doing what they love and more importantly loving what they are do, most importantly they achieve great results for their clients. It is a winning formula that will see them continue to achieve for years to come. Company: JMotivatE Contact: [email protected] Web Address: