Issue 8 2020

Acquisition International - Issue 8 2020 17 Remarkable Results From Strategic Success KPI dashboards, tasks, and the ability to embed other key features all make Results BI one of the most necessary platforms for driving accountability and execution, ensuring company success. Having been on the brink of business failure themselves, those responsible for the work at Results BI know better than anyone the vitality of having a strategic plan in chaotic times. That is why the firm is so passionate about helping to simplify the process of putting together a strategic plan, and that passion is exemplified by every member of staff. Knowing first-hand just how important it is to have a plan for when the chaos begins to subside, the staff at Results BI offer clarity, direction, and meaningful steps forward that have been planned and engineered for growth and success. Everybody works together in a bid to help companies grow, providing concierge-level client support via its platform, email, and telephone all through the day. Despite the desire to change the landscape for businesses struggling in times of chaos, there are challenges that present themselves to the team at Results BI. Perhaps most prevalent however, is challenging the concept that many companies feel the mere existence of a plan is the key to success. Suffice to say, it is not. Having a strategic plan is simply an intention. The Results BI R5 Strategic Execution Compass takes that intention and provides the attention required to drive execution. The formula is simple; intention x attention = results. The platform that Results BI offers provides the framework to drive the attention, and ultimately the execution of the strategic plan. Looking ahead to 2020, there are more plans to improve and expand the platform services that Results BI already offers. Since 2013, the firm has included dashboards, but 2019 saw the introduction of embedded Microsoft Power BI dashboards. However, these are older BI technologies. 2020 will see the firm become a more modern analytics and business intelligence (ABI) platform. ABI platforms are characterized by easy-to-use functionality that supports a full analytic workflow – from data preparation to visual exploration and insight generation – with an emphasis on self-service and augmentation. Later in 2020, Results BI will be embedding Natural Language Generation (NLG), to provide the ability to combine interactive data visualizations with narrative techniques in order to package and deliver insights in a compelling, easily-understood form to the companies using Results BI. It is through these core areas of what Results BI offers to its clients that it manages to not only simplify strategic planning, but also offers the vital tools that are necessary in bringing those plans and visions to life. What’s more is that Results BI offers this service to the business world and its clients at an affordable price. Whether a company has no strategic plan at all, has an outdated plan, or is working with an outside consulting firm to craft a plan, the Results BI R5 Strategic Execution Package removes the chaos from a business and allows it to succeed in new ways. Offering a clear path to growth and financial stability, a laser focus on what really matters, certainty about the future, a plan that is easily shared and communicated with employees, and the ability to track and measure progress made, Results BI is an exceptional firm. Transforming ineffective leadership and an unclear path into successful leadership operating with a clear vision and structure executable plan for growth, the firm can help any client and organization get back on the road to where they want to be. Company: Results BI Contact: Marc L Daniels Website: