Issue 8 2020

Acquisition International - Issue 8 2020 13 A Breakthrough in Cancer Detection! Nobody wants to hear that they have cancer, but receiving the news earlier can exponentially increase the possibility of surviving. The team at IONIQ Sciences is committed to developing a modern solution for early cancer detection, which is how they came to achieve success in Acquisition International’s 2020 Global Excellence Awards. Now named as Best Lung Cancer Detection & Diagnosis Solutions Firm – 2020, we look at the firm in detail to find out more. ung cancer is the single most-deadly cancer is the world, killing more people than the next three cancers combined. IONIQ’s non-invasive ProLung Test™ for lung cancer is designed to empower physicians to confidently accelerate their diagnosis when the disease is at its earliest, most-treatable stage. In doing so, the window for treatment can be expanded and the 5-year survival can be dramatically improved. In early 2020, the US FDA designated the ProLung Test a Breakthrough Device for its life-enhancing potential. The original aim of IONIQ Sciences was to dramatically improve the lung cancer landscape with its ProLung Test. Based on its growing clinical data library indicating potential applicability in other cancers, IONIQ Sciences started an IRB-approved breast cancer feasibility trial earlier this year and expanded its mission to utilize its patented and proprietary technology to develop a new, modern solution for a non-invasive Multi-Cancer Screen. The IONIQ Team envisions a future where its Multi-Cancer Screen for early cancer detection is a regular part of annual wellness checks. In this way, multiple cancers will be readily identifiable in their earliest and most-treatable stages because early detection saves lives and money. The importance of early detection, therefore, is critical and will continue to be primary aim of the firm for the coming years. The body’s electrical properties change in the presence of cancer. IONIQ Sciences is detecting the body’s earliest response to cancer. IONIQ Sciences has decoded the science of the body’s earliest response to the presence of cancer. By operating at the confluence of Electrical Impedance Analytics (EIA) technology and Artificial Intelligence (AI), IONIQ Sciences is developing a modern solution to the early detection of multiple cancers with a single non-invasive screen. The “breakthrough” ProLung Test will be foundational to the Multi-Cancer Screen. Science leads the way at IONIQ where team discussions are always based on data and facts. The team is driven forward with a curiosity that is equal parts conservative and optimistic. Trust and respect mean that no idea is ignored, allowing the team the chance to explore new ways of thinking that could revolutionize the field. Looking forward, the IONIQ Team has amazing plans in store, with much of the research that has been undertaken transitioning from single cancer-specific tests to a Multi-Cancer Screen utilizing its EIA technology, proprietary algorithm and AI. The aforementioned IONIQ ProLung Test for lung cancer is an important tool that will allow physicians to confidently accelerate their diagnosis. The next step would be a similar test for breast cancer, and is already in the works. As science moves incredibly quickly, it’s easy to see how this could soon become a Multi-Cancer Screen that L Jun20129 achieves the aims of the company – the early detection of any cancer, thus allowing it to be treated swiftly. IONIQ Sciences has always led the way, and their recent achievements demonstrate just how much they are ahead of the curve. Research is one thing, but as the team prepares to make the move to a successfully marketed product, it’s easy to see the potential of the business. No one could argue that the work isn’t important, but it takes skill and determination to make it into a success. Company: IONIQ Sciences Contact: Andy Robertson Web Address: