Issue 8 2020

Acquisition International - Issue 8 2020 11 Changing the Game With a history of innovation and higher standards, it can be of little surprise that KOOCHIE is still spending money researching new technologies and innovations. The business is continuously expanding, offering exciting new product lines as well as a brand- new production facility. This will mark the company’s ninth. Looking forward, the firm intends to penetrate more global markets, such as North and Central America, as well as the EMEA regions. KOOCHIE has been responsive for a market transformed, pushing up international standards that guarantee the safety of all users. This would be a success in and of itself, but the team have gone on to find impressive achievements in the construction of these new parks and playgrounds. With such a determination to achieve something new, KOOCHIE is set to continue its path of success for years to come. Company: KOOCHIE GLOBAL Contact: Swati Arora | [email protected] Web Address: “We are proud to have become one of the most specified brands by leading architects and designers in many markets today. The brand is well established and is considered to be a trend setter in our industry – with this recognition comes a huge responsibility that we continually need to live up to”