APAC Issue 8 2018

APAC / Issue 8 2018 7 Exterminating the Competition g streak free clean for your water tanks and solar panels. • Scorpions experienced solar panel cleaners have the relevant training to ensure we can work safely at heights and follow the appropriate procedures and protocol. Moving forward, Scorpion is particularly passionate about environmental preservation, and we are continually improving and implementing work practices that have the lowest impact on the environment. As part of our new and exciting “Keen to get Green” initiative, we are actively involved in the community, through educational purposes and voluntary programs relating to environmental conservation. Contact: Jason & Tracey Eyles Company: Scorpion Pest Management, PO Box 123 Glenorchy, Tasmania 7010, Australia Telephone: (03) 62 685 397 Web Address: www.scorpionpest.com.au