APAC Issue 8 2018

6 APAC / Issue 8 2018 , Exterminating the Competition Fromtheir inception, Scorpion PestManagement Pty Ltd has been leading theway in providing fast, simple and cost-effective pest solutions for businesses and homes across Tasmania. Taking time to provide us with a detailed overviewof Scorpion is BusinessManager, Tracey Eyles who revealsmore about the firm’s incredible accomplishments over the years. Since 2008, Scorpion has been delivering working solutions which eliminate all pest problems that arise, there are no limitations to our services offered. Key to our success is a diversified full service with the ability to operate in residential, commercial and rural sectors. The pests we treat vary from client to client, and as such can be any of the following; ants, cockroaches, earwigs, rats, mice, bees, wasps, snakes, flies, scorpions, millipedes, birds, wildlife, to name a few. As for Scorpions clients, they include; residential home owners transport, manufacturers, farmers, parks, exporters and endless more. These clients range from individuals, to family owned businesses right up to large corporations. Scorpions unique difference that is that not only do we offer main stream pest services, we also provide; • Wildlife management • Reptile relocation • Weed spraying treatments • Gutter guard system - which keeps the gutters clean while still allowing water to get through, keeping birds and rodents from entering the roof. • And ember guard system, for those in fire prone areas to protect their property against ember attacks. Scorpion Pest Management provides the highest quality of customer service; consumers want to feel safe, protected and avoid annoyance by unwanted animals or pests. In addition, we provide support to our clients, they have in turn, rewarded us with loyalty and valuable feedback. Scorpion delivers working solutions to all our clients and pride ourselves on utilising the latest methods and systems available, the products we use are of the highest standard and environmentally friendly. Scorpion Pest Management’s core values are fundamental to the success of our business, they form the foundation on which we perform work and conduct ourselves in the workplace. “Our mission is to provide the best pest management services to the community in which we serve, to always exceed customer expectations, to provide peace of mind by protecting your home, business, health and property in an ethical, professional and timely manner. To strive to be a leader in the pest control industry by delivering the best service, using the latest technology, being environmentally responsible and having fair prices.” Scorpion believes in treating others the way you want to be treated, we care for our clients and co-workers, we are improving our technology, our tools, our customers’ experience, and ourselves. Currently, DIY Pest control is too growing in demand. The convenience, affordability and access to industrial strength products allow consumers to do their own pest control, in the privacy of their home. At Scorpion, we have adapted our services to cater for the DIY market, with the foreseen projected growth in the future. Environmental preservation has continually been an important value at Scorpion, but recently we have observed an exponential increase in consumer awareness for environmental protection, and the expectation that the Pest Control they source are eco-friendly. Subsequently, we have ASB18022 increased awareness via advertising and social media, the importance we place on safe treatment solutions. We source water-based chemicals and bio-degradable products where we can and have recently pursued going paperless. Through successful advertising, polls, community forums and surveys we have found that the community puts large emphasis on environmental care, and we have seen the results through targeted advertising. Looking ahead to what the future holds for Scorpion Pest Management, we have just recently launched ‘Solar Panel Cleaning’, a professional solar panel cleaning service, helping home and business owners maintain the significant investment that is their solar panel system. Scorpion’s services will ensure you are getting the most out of your panels: • Our tailored approach to each client domestic or commercial will ensure a thorough, professional clean, every time. • Scorpion uses the latest water purification equipment available, ensuring a safe,