APAC Issue 8 2018

26 APAC / Issue 8 2018 , Globalegrow has been promoting a localisation strategy within the group for over one year now. To fully implement this localisation strategy and optimise the export business, Globalegrow is continuously increasing recruitment of international talents. The most recent statistics show that there has been a 43% growth rate of foreign employees in the headquarters and overseas companies during the past two years. “You can always see opportunities in culture conflicts.” Miguel, a 30 year-old Spanish employee on the marketing team of Globalegrow, has worked in China for over three years. It was hard to recall why he chose China at the very beginning but the trade between Spain and China were certainly thriving, as he explained, thanks to “the Belt and Road” initiative. Working in China was not easy for him, and the Spanish mindset and lifestyle were the barriers that kept him from getting used to the Chinese environment. “But you can always see opportunities in cultural conflicts, and people like me can perfectly shine through. I am able to help Accelerating Cross- Border Business Globalegrowembraces diverse values to accelerate cross-border business Chinese business in Spain as a local expert,” he explained. “It is always great to have different opinions, values and culture where we can benefit from each other.” “A happy customer will provide the best marketing.” Responsible for SNS marketing, Miguel constantly receives inquiries and all kinds of challenges from customers. A mild temper and patience are his strategies to overcoming the stress and maintain professionalism. Years of practice helps him build up the trust for the brand. “Quick answers and customised solutions make customers happy, and a happy customer will provide the best marketing,” he said. Gaining the trust of customers is essential, and continuous effort and honesty surely have paid off. Miguel has helped thousands of customers solve online purchase issues. “I am running the whole community where I only share ‘organic information’ with others,” he said. He is passionate about what he is doing right now and feeling tremendously fulfilled whenever he takes credits from his customers. “China is a great country to see how everything grows so fast. “ During these years in China, Miguel gets homesick from time to time and is determined to go back to his hometown sooner or later. However, he feels that now in the best years of his life, it is better to stay out of his comfort zone. “Coming to China was a big challenge in my life, but I like challenges. I have gained a lot of professional experience in various areas and that motivates me to keep going and try new methodologies and to learn new things every day,” he said. “China is a great country to see how everything grows so fast. You can have one idea of a product in mind and in just few weeks you can have a prototype or a full production.” Miguel now maintains great relationship with colleagues and the teamwork keep them efficient every time when they need to find a solution together. Globalegrow’s localisation strategy is opening further by embracing diverse values towards e-commerce business and internal management. The number of foreign employees is still growing with more supportive policies and favourable welfare around the corner.