APAC Issue 8 2018

20 APAC / Issue 8 2018 , Despite the U.S. economy realising sustained growth rates not seen in decades, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) stated that it would be Asia, not America that will be “the most important engine for global growth,” both this year and next. In a report recently issued by the IMF, they noted that, even with the prospect of regional trade disputes, Asia’s economies are projected to grow over 5% in 2018 and 2019. The New Nordic Group, one of the fastest growing construction, hotel and hospitality management company’s in Asia, is well positioned to benefit from the region’s economic dynamism said Kurt Svendheim, the CEO of the New Nordic Group, when addressing employees recently at a company function. Mr. Svendheim stated, “We’ve planted our flag in Asia because it’s economic strength, with a tremendous upside for our investors. Couple that with their pristine beaches, picturesque IMF calls region “Most Important Engine for Global Growth” landscapes, you’ve got a winning combination.” And it’s not just the IMF that is bullish on Asia. According to the Paris-based Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development, the Asia-Pacific region will be the leading economic powerhouse through 2030. New Asian Middle-Class Seeks Recreation & Leisure Over the past several decades China, now the world’s second largest economy has seen hundreds of millions of their citizen’s move from poverty into the middle-class. China’s neighbors have also experienced an expansion in their middle- class. These newly affluent people desire recreation and tourism facilities which simply didn’t exist until just a few years ago. The New Nordic Group is attempting to satisfy this demand by developing a number of new condo and hotel facilities throughout the region. They typically have ten or more buildings under construction at any one time. A new development is generally completed once every month. With over 1,000 employees worldwide, the New Nordic Group is in a good position to service both Asian, European, American, and Australian tourists looking to experience the wonders of Asia. “Currently, the Chinese are one of our largest client-bases…,” said Mr. Svendheim, “…however, we are now seeing more and more clients from Europe, and particularly folks from the U.S. and other regions.” New Nordic Group Projects Underway; Investment Opportunities There are a number of new projects currently underway in Thailand by the New Nordic Group. These include a 152- room, 4-star hotel facility in popular Pattaya, and a family vacation development in Phuket Island called New Nordic Water World. These are just two investment opportunities for those who wish to take advantage of Asia’s b NewNordic Group to Ride Asian GrowthWave