APAC Issue 7 2018

8 APAC / Issue 7 2018 , Best Global Life Insurance Provider 2018 As amember of Manulife Financial, Manulife Vietnam is proud to be the first 100% foreign- owned life insurer in Vietnam. The Company is also the only foreign-owned life insurer in Vietnam that owns a headquarters building worth US$ 10million. We profiled the firmas we look to gain an insight into the company’s success. In June 1999, Manulife Vietnam became the first foreign-owned life insurance company licensed in the country. Headquartered at Manulife Plaza, District 7, Ho Chi Minh City, Manulife Vietnam has a nationwide network of 60 offices, spread across 41 major cities and provinces (as of February 2018). On 14 June 2005, Manulife Asset Management (Vietnam) Company Limited (“MAMV”), a wholly owned local subsidiary of Manulife Vietnam, was granted license to operate fund management and portfolio management services, further expanding Manulife Vietnam’s product offering for its customers. Throughout its 19 years of operations in Vietnam, Manulife has successfully built a strong reputation for its high-quality products and professional services, maintaining its position as a top player in the market. The Company offers a wide range of innovative insurance products, including traditional life, health, education, investment and pension solutions. Operating with a determination of delivering the best results on a constant basis, Manulife Vietnam’s mission is to be the most professional financial services organisation in the world, providing strong, reliable, trustworthy and forward-thinking solutions for all its clients’ most significant financial decisions. Embedded in the company ethos are the firm’s values, and these values guide everything the team works towards. With staff all working towards achieving the same mission, the company can deliver excellent results on a constant basis, basing every decision on PRIDE. Staff adhere to the firm’s values throughout the whole process, from strategic planning to day-to-day decision-making, to the manner in which staff treat customers and stakeholder. Going back to pride, the team is professional in its work, whilst also providing real value to its customers and acting with integrity in all matters. Importantly, Manulife is also able to demonstrate financial strength and has a determination to be the employer of choice. Boasting an enhanced reputation within the industry, there are many aspects which separate Manulife Vietnam from its competitors. The Company now offers a wide range of innovative life insurance products, from traditional products to health, education, investment, and pension services to over 800,000 clients through a strong and professional agency across the country. Alongside the company’s professional agency force, Manulife Vietnam is the market leader in bancassurance through the partnership with leading foreign and local banks. Additionally, Manulife Vietnam is also the only life insurer in the market that has developed a micro-insurance program for poor women in the rural areas in partnership with Vietnam Women’s Union, highlighting the community culture of the company. This meaningful program supports the government in universalising insurance knowledge, contributing to the social welfare, decreasing poverty and instilling VB180001 the habit of savings to the Vietnamese people. Across the industry, Manulife Vietnam has enhanced its reputation and now maintains a position amongst the top players in the Vietnamese life insurance market. Being based in Vietnam, the firm has been able to explore many opportunities and expand its offerings thank to its versatile nature. However, Ho Chi Minh City also has its own advantages, as it is considered as Vietnam’s economic hub, something that Manulife Vietnam has been able to take advantage of and capitalise on. During the long history of foundation and development, the city’s economy is growing constantly and motivating the development of the country. Therefore, the city is considered as a potential investment environment for domestic investors as well as foreign investors. The investment through establishing companies and conducting business activities in Ho Chi Minh city