APAC Issue 7 2018

APAC / Issue 7 2018 7 Taking Telecoms to a New Level g accessible to most of the levels. The crucial point for success is to have a swift flow of appropriate information to the concern teams. Once this channel is established then delegation becomes very easy, and the majority of the time the correct decisions can be taken quickly and efficiently. One to one meetings and newsletters to the concerned people helps them to know the road ahead and that reflects on the services given to internal and external customers. As a result of these process, the internal coordination within the teams though the complexity of the business transaction is very high, helping Sheng Li Telecom to operate effectivity and prove themselves to their valued clients. These clients are spread across India, which offers the firm many exciting opportunities for further success as the region has a rapidly growing market. To give an example, only 32-35% of population currently has access to the internet. whereas wireline broadband customers are less than 10%. While the government is pushing for digitalisation and connectivity, the growth opportunities are huge, and as such the government is taking appropriate measures to organise the sector with legal enforcement and reaching to the smallest places. New markets are being created at a very fast pace, ensuring ongoing opportunities for enterprising firms such as Sheng Li Telecom. With the future spread before it, Sheng Li Telecom is geared up to provide the selective solutions globally based on the legal framework of any given country. Thanks to its experience of working in global market and also moderate presence nationwide, the firm is always open to new ideas and partnership to leverage on their mutual strength with other firms, and as such it will be looking to work with new collaborators over the years to come. The firm currently has plans offer a vast array of additional value-added services which may be required once internet access in available across India. Driving growth in this emerging region is Sheng Li Telecom ongoing focus as the firm looks towards an invigorating future filled with possibilities. Contact: Mr Dwayne Periera Telephone: +91 20 30030300 Web Address: www.shenglitelecom.in