APAC Issue 7 2018

16 APAC / Issue 7 2018 , For 30 years, Benestar Group have championed the unlimited potential of good health, and they have demonstrated the clear link to great performance. The team at Benestar are committed to helping people when and where they need us with all aspects of their life – physical, mental, social and financial. At Benestar Group, the team are mainly focused helping people when and where they need us with all aspects of their life - physical, mental, social and financial. After all, strong, happy and healthy people equate to a productive, engaged workforce. Which is why, all of the services the firm offers are easily accessible, measurable, involving and always on. Clients can reach the team 24/7, 365 days a year via their secure health and wellbeing portal and app. The firm promotes a holistic approach to health, as such they able to group their services into four main categories: • Individual Wellbeing - These services aim to increase accountability for personal wellbeing across your workforce. • Organisational Performance – The team are committed to helping you build a sustainable, well-functioning and healthy organisation. • Incident Management – Benestar Group’s services Be Your Best You Benestar translates to ‘wellbeing’ and that is the essence of the firm’s promise—helping you and your employees to ‘Be your best you’. Following their recent success as the LeadingMarketing Agency of theYear 2018, we profiled the firmto discovermore about their award-winning services that they offer to clients. provide unrivalled support during these times, minimising long term impact on individuals, reducing downtime, and helping people leaders to care for their teams. • Workforce Wellness -The firm’s experience shows that wellbeing sessions offered to your entire workforce can effectively lift and maintain healthy levels of engagement. Benestar Group keeps pace with the rapidly-shifting way people consume and share information. The firm’s contemporary tools, resources and ‘on demand’ digital formats deliver the content that their clients’ employees want, when they want it, and on the devices that they want to access it on. As for the team at Benestar Group, they are all about people, and their own people are the stars of their own brand. The Benestar Group family is the hallmark of their service and reputation. In every area of their operation, they have highly qualified, talented, committed and energetic team members. Looking ahead to what the future holds for the firm, the team at Benestar Group aim to make health and wellbeing an effortless and everyday proposition for their clients’ organisation. The reason being is that they believe there is nothing as powerful and empowering as good health. In addition to this, the firm believe that both happy and healthy people equate to a productive and engaged workforce, which in turn enhances the overall wellbeing of their organisation. Contact: Michele Grow Company: Benestar Group, 3/44 Market St, Sydney, NSW 2000, Australia Telephone: 0061 2 8295 2230 Web Address: www.benestar.com 1805AP09