APAC Issue 7 2018

APAC / Issue 7 2018 15 Smooth Access Ports with 1-Stop g made in the efficiency of the supply chain through digital transformation, our progress and innovation did not stop. Today, further connectivity has occurred with payment systems and security card interaction – all separate systems. Through our VBS, links are made to cashless payment systems for the immediate receipt of goods allowing containers to be picked up immediately. Secure identification cards were also established, validating the driver with the arrival at the Terminal Gate. This ensures that the correct driver has arrived at the same time as their appointment in the VBS, for the correct container, with all fees paid, on the correct truck, and that they know the safety requirements of the terminal. The technology we were able to implement has led to connectivity; leading to efficiency; and in turn leading to optimisation of the supply chain: Smooth, error-free entry and exit access between trucks and the port - A smooth access port. Many applications, many technologies – one platform Rather than a single system to encompass all functionality, 1-Stop’s approach is to use best of breed systems connected to one another. This provides the advantage of being able to utilise new and emerging technologies where appropriate to deliver improved efficiencies for the community. Our PCS aims to create this eco-system which has been formulated to provide industry with connectivity, leading to a collaborative and efficient supply chain. Following on from what we have been able to achieve, 1-Stop follows the credo that our platform will create a smooth experience for each sector in the supply chain through a connected port community. But our work is not over… 1-Stop continues to innovate as we have done for the last 16 years (Est. 2002) by working with the Port Community. New technologies and digitalisation continues to challenge and enhance the supply chain, whether that is through new methods of connectivity such as BlockChain or emergent technologies such as autonomous vehicles…however throughout this change, our principles of a connected port community to improve business outcomes remains. For more information on how to implement smooth access for your terminal or our drive towards a connected community, visit us at 1-Stop.com or email [email protected]