APAC Issue 6 2018

APAC / Issue 6 2018 7 Innovation and Passion Leading to Impressive Results g Contact: Dale Carr, founder and CEO HQ: Sydney, Australia Offices: San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Bangalore Phone: 001 855 599 5323 Website: www.leadbolt.com partners to mobile measurement partners, and beyond.” As the majority of audience attention continues to shift away from traditional channels such as TV, print and online to mobile devices, Dale is confident that integrating a mobile strategy will soon become essential for companies and brands to thrive. With the advent of Leadbolt’s latest Self-Service mobile advertising platform, the practice of buying mobile media and reaching targeted mobile audiences with ad campaigns becomes even more accessible to advertisers, marketers and companies of all sizes and experience levels. He is keen to encourage marketers to get started on mobile, if they haven’t already. “Our self-service mobile advertising platform is designed for marketers who want the freedom and flexibility to manage campaigns at their own pace. The platform is easy to use and offers campaign bidding, audience targeting and testing options to satisfy a wide range of advertiser goals. For app-install marketers, specifically, we recently introduced the ability to buy based on CPI (cost per Install). [CPI allows advertisers of apps to pay only when their advertised app is installed by a new user.]” If you want to get results in the mobile space, Leadbolt is the perfect partner with industry awards, validation and a track record of success.