APAC Issue 6 2018

6 APAC / Issue 6 2018 , Innovation and Passion Leading to Impressive Results Leadbolt is a high performance mobile advertising platform, helpingmarketers of mobile apps acquire quality newusers at scale, while helping app developers monetise their free apps. We spoke to APAC’s CEO of the Year, Dale Carr, to learnmore about what drives him and howhe etched a niche and led the company to achieve such high levels of success. Leadbolt offers a fully-managed service to mobile advertisers, providing complete strategy and execution of mobile ad campaigns, as well as a self- service platform optimised for advertisers who prefer the flexibility to manage campaigns at their own pace. When undertaking a new project, there are certain steps which the firm must take in order to ensure that its clients receive the best possible outcome, and Dale kicks off the discussion by explaining how the company measures its success through client satisfaction. “Everything we do is focused towards achieving ultimate success for our clients. For advertisers working with Leadbolt’s dedicated in-house team, our client journey involves a series of steps to identify goals, establish clear benchmarks for success, conduct a feasibility check, and campaign go-live protocol. Our communication and testing process involves a continual feedback loop to optimise campaigns and refresh creatives. It’s been our proven process since day one. “Advertisers using Leadbolt’s self- service platform portal preferring to manage campaigns on their own, benefit from proprietary technology that we’ve developed and refined for over eight years. It is the same technology used by our managed campaigns so they get the power and control they desire.” Discussing the firm’s overall mission of unleashing the true value of mobile users, it becomes apparent that Dale’s passion and focus is on delivering incredible value to everyone in the chain, from clients, to users, to employees. In fact, it is a major ingredient to his success. He enthusiastically outlines some strategies the team employs to achieve its vision. “App developers need a reliable way of generating return from their users. We help them achieve this by managing the ad space in their app through our SDK, implemented through a few lines of code. We are then able to present the app users with advertisement and value- added marketing messages on behalf of Leadbolts advertisers, displaying them to the right user at the right point in time, effectively monetizing the process and helping the developers make real money from their base and finding advertisers real users who want to interact. “As an ad-delivery partner, Leadbolt is committed to reaching highly relevant audiences with an ad experience they will enjoy. Our mission is to drive campaign performance to support the future of mobile apps for all three parties – app developers, marketers and mobile app users!” Leadbolt is able to differentiate itself from its competitors thanks to its direct relationships, technological prowess and intelligent optimization. “In terms of Direct Relationships, Leadbolt has built a network of premium media sources globally with whom we have direct relationships. Our direct relationships ensure campaigns appear in brand safe environments, and deliver seamless ad display and interactions. 1805AP10 “In terms of our technology and platform, we have incorporated Advanced AI and Machine Learning to our proprietary advanced algorithms which match ad-campaigns to the right sources and audiences effectively delivering results to all involved in the process.” “Crucial to our success has been the fact that we never stop learning and experimenting to ensure our ad-serving technology, campaign measurement and attribution practices, and strategic services deliver highest quality outcomes. “In order to stay ahead we are focussed on keeping abreast of ever-changing device requirements, privacy and safety compliance, ad format standardisation and emerging tech innovations such as AR and VR, as well as protecting advertisers’ budgets from threats of fraud. Our commitment to quality and staying at the forefront of innovation is demonstrated by our deep integration partnerships with trusted companies throughout the ecosystem, from our mediation