APAC Issue 6 2018

APAC / Issue 6 2018 3 , 4. News 6. Innovation and Passion Leading to Impressive Results 8. Ensuring all the Pieces fit Together 10. Flavourtech – A World Leader in Natural Aroma and Extraction Technology 12. Dedicated to Innovation in the Practice of Law 14. Making Every Guest Feel Special 16. Machine Learning, AI, the IoT and 1-Stop Connections 18. Professionalism at the Highest Level 20. Golf Digest Online Expands Partnership to Grow Global Footprint and Golf Instruction, Club-Fitting Experiences 22. Monaco Hires Former Square Chief Compliance Officer Stanley Lam 24. HokuApps Redefines Enterprise Mobility for Roofing Southwest 25. Sustained Growth 26. Braze (Formerly Appboy) Opens New International Office in Singapore 28. RiseSmart Appoints Three Executives to Manage International Operations and Support Rapid Global Expansion 30. Robots a Welcome Addition to the Workforce *