APAC Issue 6 2018

28 APAC / Issue 6 2018 , RiseSmart Appoints Three Executives to Manage International Operations and Support Rapid Global Expansion KevinGounden appointed vice president, international strategy; Jasmine Simhired as strategic relationshipmanager inSingapore, and Joel Paul promoted to generalmanager, RiseSmart India. founder and managing director of Teamery, an enterprise operations platform customised for the outplacement industry, based out of Australia. “RiseSmart is a forward- thinking outplacement services provider with a leadership team that understands the factors driving the transformation in the employee-employer relationship,” Gounden said. “I’m thrilled to be a part of the team that has such robust technology platforms and is helping companies succeed around the globe as they flex, adapt, and transform their workforce in a rapidly-changing economy.” RiseSmart’s growing global presence includes the three offices in the APAC region — RiseSmart Australia and RiseSmart New Zealand since 2017 and more recently, RiseSmart Singapore. Sim, now serving as strategic relationship manager in Singapore, comes to RiseSmart with nearly two decades of multinational experience in operation management, career transition, and human resources. In her new role, Sim reports to Alison Monroe, national director of RiseSmart Australia, New Zealand and Singapore. “The addition of Jasmine gives us the breadth and depth of strategic experience to continue to grow in the APAC region,” said Monroe. “RiseSmart’s offerings support the changing needs of today’s workforce at all ages and stages, as people no longer look to stay in one job throughout their careers.” Joel Paul’s promotion to general manager, RiseSmart India, is part of the expansion of RiseSmart’s outplacement business in the Indian market. Under Paul’s direction, the company has grown significantly and established RiseSmart as a leading provider of outplacement to some of India’s largest corporations. Paul has been with the company for over nine years and most recently served as director of operations. “Taking care of employees is a global best practice,” said Dan Davenport, president and general manager of RiseSmart. “Bringing Kevin and Jasmine on board and promoting Joel strengthens our international leadership ranks significantly and enables RiseSmart to meet market demand as we grow worldwide.” For more information about RiseSmart, visit www.risesmart. com. RiseSmart, a Randstad company and one of the world’s largest outplacement providers, announced on the 31st May 2018 the appointment of Kevin Gounden as vice president, international strategy. RiseSmart also added Jasmine Sim as strategic relationship manager in Singapore and promoted Joel Paul to general manager, RiseSmart India, to support global expansion. An experienced leader with a track record of success spanning more than 20 years, Gounden will lead RiseSmart’s global strategy, direct global implementation and support teams to drive growth and results worldwide. Before he joined RiseSmart, Gounden enjoyed a decade of success as co-