APAC Issue 6 2018

18 APAC / Issue 6 2018 , Since the firm’s inception in 1992, CGS has identified and aggregated a comprehensive best of breed packaging products and solutions that are widely used in the Manufacturing Industries and many others. The products and solutions CGS provide has proven track records of enhancing customers’ productivity and creativity, whilst at the same time helping them to manage their costs. Beginning the interview, Thomas starts of by discussing his own success and how he works to constantly drive CGS to excellence. “Personally, I rose from the rank of a business development manager with a European conglomerate in the 80s, I was head hunted to join a leading Swiss corporation as their General Manager responsible for business in the Asian region. Despite the fact that I have been in the industry for more than 20 years, I kept on learning, adjusting and reinventing myself and the company. “As a company, CGS are individuals from a wide range of backgrounds, yet I have pushed boundaries and come up with visionary ways to progress in my businesses. By undertaking a Professionalism at the Highest Level With over 25 years’ experience in the industry, CGS Pte Ltd has formed a teamof well trained professionals with in depth knowledge and expertise to support its customers in printing and packaging applications. Recently, we profiled the firmand spoke to CEO, Thomas Kee to discovermore about how it works to provide excellence to clients at all times. business management degree, it’s possible to learn a great deal of the skills needed to run a successful company – yet at the same time, it’s vital to have a naturally good outlook and to take care of one’s employees. To be a CEO & Executive Director of a business, you also need to be a great leader. What is more, whether you are running a new start up or overseeing a more established brand, they need to stay in touch with the industry at all time, innovate to keep the company fresh and exciting, and this is my constant aim.” In addition to being a successful leader, Thomas also takes on a diverse range of projects and works closely with clients. He describes his approach to ensuring a successful outcome to every project he that both himself and his team undertakes. “My approach when understanding a new client or project for us is first to gain knowledge of the customer’s needs, requirements. We adopt a sincere, open and consultative approach by discussing every stage of the process with our customers so that they always receive the solutions and service they need.” Sustainability is the latest trend in the packaging market, and as such CGS are committed to offering environmentally friendly solutions, as Thomas reveals. “As CEO of CGS, I take our products environmental sustainability very seriously. Our commitment to great design and innovation is really at the core to our successful business.” Bringing the interview to a close, we look ahead to what the future may hold for the firm and Thomas highlights just some of the exciting plans he has to drive further growth in CGS. “Moving forward, I will continue to strive and do what I do best for the business. My focus is to always adapt, embrace changes in technologies, industry, marketplace and empower customers with innovations.” Contact: Thomas Kee Company: CGS Pte Ltd, 20 MacTaggert Road, #07-02 Khonf Guan Industrial Building, 368079, Singapore Telephone: 0065 629 54822 Web Address: www.cgs.com.sg ASB18022