APAC Issue 6 2018

10 APAC / Issue 6 2018 , Flavourtech – AWorld Leader in Natural Aroma and Extraction Technology Flavourtech is a global technologymanufacturer specialising in aroma recovery, extraction and evaporation solutions for food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries. Recently, we profiled the firm to discover more about their innovative ways. Flavourtech are providing companies around the world with unique technology and processes that allow them to differentiate their products and grow their business. These companies acknowledge that Flavourtech are helping them set new standards in the way high quality end products are produced and assisting them in meeting consumer taste preferences naturally, easily and with maximum flexibility. Flavourtech technologies are utilised in the coffee, tea, flavour, dairy, alcoholic beverage, nutraceutical and pharmaceutical industries. It is amazing the range of final products which have been touched by Flavourtech technologies. For example, many of the iced tea beverages in the US have been produced on Flavourtech equipment. In Japan, Korea and China many of the iced tea and canned coffee Ready To Drink (RTD) products are produced on Flavourtech’s unique Integrated Extraction System (IES) that captures the natural aroma, while at the same time brewing the tea or coffee. With a focus on using low temperatures and short residence times, Flavourtech technologies ensure that the natural flavour and active ingredients in the products being processed are protected to provide consumers maximum benefit and satisfaction. Their expertise also allows turn-key solutions to be implemented leading to streamlined processes, lower costs of production and higher market share. Flavourtech’s focus is on constantly offering the very highest standards of service and working closely with clients to create innovative, quality products that help their clients grow. Operating in a highly competitive global environment, it is imperative that the firm provide customers with the confidence to make major investments with them, secure in the knowledge that Flavourtech has the ability to support them for the long term. Being the 2017 award winner from the Export Council of Australia in the Manufacturing category (NSW), and from the NSW Business Chamber for Regional Business of the Year, assist Flavourtech in stamping its credentials with new customers. Being able to name a large list of multinational and market leading 1805AP15 companies from around the world as references, also ensures that new customers are aware of the success that can be achieved with Flavourtech equipment and expertise. “To propose the best possible solution for our customers, we always try to work very closely with them to understand their business needs, even better than they do. Sometimes, this may involve them modifying or producing a new product, improving the quality of an existing product, or even improving their operational efficiency through increased automation, waste reduction, etc.” says Flavourtech’s Sales & Marketing Director, Leon Skaliotis. “By utilising our mechanical and process engineering expertise,