APAC Issue 5 2018 - Unitywater

APAC / Issue 5 2018 11 , Since inception, the progressive growth of the company can be dully attributed to our dedication for quality and excellence. This has allowed us to expand our operations and launch ourselves into becoming one of the leading manufacturing companies in our field, catering to a wide spectrum of industries such as the composite and panel board industries. Headquartered in Kuala Lumpur with manufacturing facilities in the north and east peninsulas of Malaysia, our facilities not only allow us to be innovative in our technology, but to also custom manufacture for multinationals. As for our commitment to our customers, it drives us to push the boundaries of our business, and we strive to provide the best for them in terms of trust, reliability, technical superiority and more. To meet the demands of our local and export markets, we have obtained multiple certifications, as well as a dedicated research and development team to develop, improve, and optimise the usage of our products as well as our customer’s products. By doing so, we hope to always exceed our customer’s expectations. In order to achieve our mission to consistently provide quality products and added value to our customers while staying focused on EHS and operational excellence, we broadcast our mission and vision statements, Delivering Value Founded in 1974, AstaChem is aMalaysian, privately owned chemical manufacturer of formaldehyde, adhesive resins, hardeners, and fillers. Taking time to provide us with a profile of the firm, was AstaChem’s CEO, Jerry Looi who discusses more about the success the company has had over the years. values, goals and objectives to all employees consistently. Furthermore, not only do we conduct an annual review of our closely monitored targets, we adhere closely to our five-year plan - which is a well paved roadmap that determines our rate of growth in areas we want to expand into. For us, achieving those goals are greatly attributed to our dedicated team which is crucial to how we lead. We practice a very transparent style of management and keep our people in the loop. This strategic planning has allowed us to become market leaders. Our dedication to consistently produce a well- diversified product line that is technologically superior and high in quality, coupled with outstanding technical support staff separates us from our competitors. In the recent years, emerging trends and developments in the industry have been geared toward the green movement. Internally, we have revamped and commissioned a new energy efficient formaldehyde plant in 2014 as part of our green efforts. Externally, stringent requirements such as low emission formaldehyde resin and better bonding qualities have become key in determining customer needs. It is because of this, that we believe the future of the industry is moving toward being more environmentally friendly. This is why we have an inhouse research and development team, as well as dedicated resources into joint developments with reputable partners, to further develop better technology for the industry. As our business is an extremely competitive one, we see the need to be more cost effective, produce better quality products, understand cross-cultural barriers, adhere to multiple government regulations and restrictions, and manage our logistic costs carefully in order to be successful, especially in the Asia-Pacific region. However, our determination to be the best for our customers has allowed us to win numerous awards and be recognised for our numerous achievements. One of our most recent achievements, was the opening of our chemical terminal in Kuantan, Pahang. Chemical terminals play an important role in between land and sea transportation. Situated conveniently near the port, our premises became the ideal strategic location for the One Chem Terminal. The terminal is a joint partnership between Petronas Chemicals Marketing (Labuan) Ltd and One Chem 1805AP07 Terminal Sdn Bhd; which is a joint venture between Nylex (M) Bhd, Asta Chemicals Sdn Bhd and Twin Integrity Sdn Bhd. In March of 2018, we launched two methanol storage tanks with a capacity of 6,000 tonnes each. This achievement has also diversified our portfolio and opened many windows of opportunity. Looking ahead, Asta Chemicals will always work to contribute to the betterment of our industry. In line with our values, when you partner with us, you are not only partnering with a company that believes in sharing our wealth of experience and innovative thinking with our customers, you are partnering with a company that is focused on delivering value but doing it in a safe, ethical and environmentally responsible manner. D-30-01, Menara Suezcap 1, No. 2, Jalan Kerinchi, Gerbang Kerinchi Lestari 59200 Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. Telephone: +603 7941 2992 Website: www.astachemicals.com