APAC Issue 5 2018 - Leecare

8 APAC / Issue 5 2018 , ideas and system feedback, but also obtain direct feedback from our demonstration of newly developed, ready to release, previously requested features. Our focus is always on practical system use, without compromising professional needs and required quality system and regulatory processes. This balance can be difficult to manage at times, with clients occasionally reminded to ‘watch what you wish for’ as some requests may place onerous burdens on staff and management alike if not carefully considered and designed – hence the application of our ‘practical but quality outcome’ test on all new features. Following our development activities, we utilise key client’s user acceptance testing sites to ensure any ‘patterns of use’ of clients are appropriately considered and optimised for the final release.” Operating with a long-term aim of becoming a leader in the healthcare industry, the team is looking to make the most of the technological advances within the sector. Leecare’s mission is therefore to be a company which develops and implements the most comprehensive, suitable product relevant to the aged care industry and which supports aged care organisations who provide excellent holistic care for their community, regardless of their size or budget. Caroline elaborates further on what the team at Leecare are looking to achieve, outlining more of the company’s future goals, its vision and what gaps in the market the team has identified which will see it achieve further success. “Moving forward, Leecare aims to provide excellent service at all times by working closely with clients in assessing their needs and identifying the appropriate course of action within aged care budgetary constraints. We work in a people focused, and quality care intentioned sector, meaning we need to continually listen and encourage clear, respectful, open and honest communications both within our own organisation and with our client base. Also, we practice and provide many staff support initiatives including flexible and family friendly working hours, preferred payroll and superannuation treatments, emergency staff loans and considerations. Additionally, we encourage staff involvement in charitable and volunteer groups and provide targeted sector based, and staff selected charitable donations. “Keeping an eye on the future, our vision is to remain a company that supports staff and management in their current workflow practices rather than making them change unnecessarily. We want to ensure our product exceeds functionality requirements that support aged care organisations meet their regulatory and professional responsibilities, whilst enhancing their customers experience. This goal is reinforced by robust and innovative technology and corporate roadmaps. Our solutions are underpinned by the nursing process and are clinically robust hence they remain relevant and professional, plus our people are loyal, authentic and have uncompromised integrity, with longevity and visionary leadership since 1992.” With technology becoming increasingly dominant in the healthcare industry, it is important that the team at Leecare are aware of any developments and advances which may arise within the sector, enabling the team to be one step ahead of its competitors. Caroline discusses the methods of her forward- thinking team’s, as well as noting the importance of staying resilient and turning any challenges it may come across into opportunities. “Crucial to our success has been our ability to identify possible impacts that potentially threaten our continued relevance as a software company in the aged care sector, our financial viability and our professional standing by keeping pace with information technology changes and advancements. This is why we started as a VB/Access DB system, but redeveloped into a C#.net/SQL DB solution in 2005/06, and then redeveloped again into a Java based/MySQL Db based product in 2010/11 to ensure our system remained affordable for the sector, and could be used on any device and installed on any platform. We deliver a high value, low cost turnkey solution. We have built in business process adaptability through our configuration and schema change tools to ensure every client can adapt the system to the way they need and want to. When Leecare rewrote the entire system into a Java/ MySQL Web Browser solution, it revolutionised the industry to use web technology and smart user interfaces with real time access from any device, anywhere from any platform and any web browser. “Leecare ensures it remains resilient and can effectively respond to software development requirements and industry needs to ensure an effective response for our customer base by employing experienced IT professionals preferably with relevant health industry experience but if not, we support them to attend training sessions with clients so they can hear the client questions and needs directly from the source. We see attendance by developers at client training sessions a key contributor to developers’ understanding client needs.” One major factor which differentiates Leecare from its competitors is that founder and CEO Caroline has unrivalled experience within the industry, and is able to utilise her knowledge and skillset to ensure that the company delivers the best solutions and software that it possible can. Holding a wealth of qualifications, the team look up to Caroline, and are motivated to do their best. Furthermore, all members of the dedicated and ambitious team are able to attend conferences, seminars and training courses which sees them kept up to date with any developments in the market. Due to the fact that Leecare Solutions commenced as an aged care consulting firm Dr Caroline Lee RN

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