APAC Issue 5 2018 - Leecare

APAC / Issue 5 2018 7 The Aged Care Industry’s Leading Web Browser-based EHR Platform g Company: Leecare Solutions Pty Ltd & Leecare Health Pte Ltd Contact: Dr Caroline Lee RN Telephone: Head office: +61 3 9339 6888 Web Address: www.leecare.com.au ; www.leecare.sg ; www.leecare.co.nz With Caroline holding a PHD in Gerontology, she is well placed to lead by example and help the team at Leecare adopt a process in which the client receives the best possible outcome. As such, she is intimately involved in the design of any new functional requirements or changes, meaning she is able to ensure the development outcomes remain focused on the resident, and practical on the ground staff and management needs. Caroline talks about the internal culture within the company, and what methods the team implements in order to guarantee that clients will receive the highest quality of service and results. “Internally, our expert in-house trainer and consultant team, some of whom are also external accreditation/ certification assessors, advise the development and project support team of client requests and regulatory needs to ensure any additional features are practical and based on current professional practices. Also we, receive advice from our support/help desk and client management team as well as our sales team, who are our key client liaisons, and who provide critical analysis of client requests. “These activities are in addition to our annual country’s wide client networking forums, where we ask for further development

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