APAC Issue 5 2018 - Leecare

14 APAC / Issue 5 2018 , Established in Sydney in 2002, 1-Stop is a world leader in developing innovative solutions for the global port community. The team delves deeper into the firm’s service offering and how it works to ensure excellence for every client that it serves. “At 1-Stop, we work closely with industry operators to understand both shared and specific challenges. Our suite of tailored and integrated products has been developed to help streamline operations, enhance efficiency and optimise productivity throughout the supply chain. Our customers include shipping lines, port and terminal operators, freight forwarders, customs brokers, 3PLs, trucking companies, rail operators, importers and exporters. “Fundamentally, our objective is simple and unchanging. We are committed to continually improving productivity throughout the diverse Port Community. As such, we are flexible, fast and adaptive. We have out of the box solutions that we can implement into your terminal tomorrow. As part of our commitment to client 1-Stop: The Logical Choice for Logistics Support 1-Stop is an innovative and dynamic Australia based firm that is dedicated to creating innovative solutions for the global freight and logistics community. The teamat 1-Stop tells us more about the firm, whichwas recently namedMost Innovative Port Logistics Solutions Provider of the Year 2018 in our APAC Business Excellence. satisfaction, we believe in helping the customer, we are available 24/7 to ensure that their cargo gets from A to B in the quickest most efficient way without any delays, from landside or quay side.” Currently, 1-Stop’s flagship product is the premier Terminal to Landside interface, currently active in 17 facilities and terminals across Australia, New Zealand and South-East Asia. When offering this, or indeed any, solution to a new client, the firm works from the very beginning to ensure that the process runs smoothly and that they receive the exceptional level of service the company prides itself on, as the team explains. “When working with any client on any solution, at 1-Stop we strongly believe in establishing a solid foundation for our projects to ensure clients receive the best possible outcome. We achieve this by setting up the correct project governance that aligns to ours and our client’s methodologies and processes. By understanding and agreeing on the requirements and scope of what our clients need, we are able to better define various milestones and projections. Also, we ensure transparency throughout the engagement where our clients are part of the entire project journey, through regular project reporting, briefings, and if possible through demonstrations.” Looking ahead, the team are keen to highlight the range of new projects that 1-Stop has on the horizon as it seeks to drive continued success for itself and excellence for its clients. “Ultimately, our ongoing mission is to be recognised globally as a leader in innovating and delivering integrated solutions for port 1805AP05 communities. To achieve this, we are constantly innovating and adapting, and we have recently introduced a new research and development team who will be driving change and supporting us as we continue to offer our clients across the global freight and logistics market the most cutting edge support and solutions that meet their ever evolving needs.” Company: 1-Stop Connections Pty Ltd Address: Rockdale, NSW, 2216 Australia, PO BOX 204, Australia Phone: 0061 2 9588 8900 Website: www.1-stop.com

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