APAC Issue 4 2018 - Leading Teams

12 APAC / Issue 4 2018 , A Reputation Built on Delivering High Standards JLEM (Jenny Lie Event Management) is a thriving and successful events management firm. We invited founder Jenny Lie to tell us more about the company and what attributes she believes are vital to her ongoing success, including featuring as APAC’s Most Valuable PR & Events Company - Asia. Established in 2004, this year will be JLEM’s 14th anniversary of the firm’s inception. Throughout the years, JLEM has taken pride in operating a dynamic service in which the staff are contactable 24 hours a day, throughout the year, and work exceptionally hard to provide a service they can be proud of. Looking to put on an excellent spectacle in terms of the entertainment as well as marketing / communication sectors, Jenny and the team at JLEM work hard to ensure that not only are the client’s guests happy, but the client is also satisfied with the process that happens through planning the event. Jenny explains how JLEM staff work hard to ensure that the client’s desired outcome is reached. “Here at JLEM, we are flexible, communicative, professional and manage our time well, as well as boasting staff which are all highly presentable and multilingual, preparing us for any occasion.” Alongside providing unrivalled customer service throughout the region, Jenny believes that her team’s experience, attitude and understanding of customer service and hospitality is crucial in differentiating the company from its competitors, which in turn marks itself out as the best possible option for clients. The way she recruits new highly qualified members, is inspired from the program ‘The Apprentice’. Jenny also talks about the close relationships which the team have built with their esteemed clients, which has enabled it to become such a success. “We are the longest serving company in our field here in Asia, and have been through all the economic challenges when companies had no longer budgets to handle their marketing, PR and advertising activities. Clients know us as the most valuable and professional boutique events company, boasting and delivering on high International standards. Also, contacts are in close relationship with different celebrities, artists, skilful talents, entertainments, hospitality concepts like ‘Ladies with Taste”. Featuring as our Most Valuable PR & Events Company - Asia, Jenny is keen to tell us about the memorable events that she and her team have organised, and what factors made them unforgettable. “Operating within this industry, there are many different aspects of an event which make a project memorable. This usually comes when it is so impressive that it exceeds our own high standards. “Being in the competitive events management industry, we work with different teams and people, meaning the mind always has to be sharp in order to manage and achieve win-win results for everyone. Some of the most interesting events that I have been involved in, would be a KPMG Annual Dinner for 2,500 guests; the Holland in Hong Kong Festival, which was open to the public; and the week-long Oracle and IBM conferences in Hong Kong and Macau. These involved working with teams from different backgrounds and levels of understanding whether organising incentives, conferences and other events.” As time moves forward, JLEM will have to adapt to the ever increasing technological needs that are constantly developing, and utilise them in the team’s work. Jenny does emphasise however that people will always be at the heart of the business, and this is a crucial belief of the team. 1804AP01

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