APAC Issue 4 2018 - Dell EMC

APAC / Issue 4 2018 9 Get agile if you want your company to survive and thrive g Company: Dell EMC Visit www.dellemc.com/oem to learn more and contact an OEM sales expert Digital Transformation puts technology in the center of an organization, connecting all aspects of the business -- from products to services to manufacturing and operations -- with the end goal of accelerating the business and improving experience for its customers. Dell EMC believes that to digitally transform, organizations need to develop three competencies: • Embrace software-centricity across their products and processes. • Switch to greater use of sensors and instrumentation across the business. • Derive insights from all the data available to the business. In doing so, businesses can gain insights about customers and the market, internal processes and even their own products, faster than ever before. They can use software to update their smarter, software-driven products and in repeatedly doing so, deliver an improved experience versus the competition. 1 Source: IDC Reveals Worldwide Digital Transformation Predictions 2 Source: The Digital Transformation of Business Microsoft/Harvard Business Review global report) 3 Source : The Digital Advantage: MIT Sloan Management)