APAC Issue 4 2018 - Dell EMC

8 APAC / Issue 4 2018 , Get agile if you want your company to survive and thrive The International Data Group (IDC) predicts by the end of 2019, digital transformation spending will reach $1.7 trillionworldwide, a 42 percent increase from2017 . 1 We recently sat downwith Glen Burrows, Vice President and General Manager, Asia Pacific Japan (APJ) OEM& IoT Solutions, Dell EMC to discuss the associated opportunities and competitive challenges companies in Asia face and howhis team can help OEMs build “futureproof” solutions for their customers. Embrace change and bring new value to market “Technology has certainly democratized the playing field,” says Burrows, “and barriers of entry have been reduced. However, while 80 per cent of business leaders believe their industry will be positively disrupted by digital transformation within the next three years, fewer than half have a strategy in place to ensure they are set up to avail of those opportunities. 2 ” “The key take-away is that companies in Asia looking to stay competitive need to be able to execute quickly and bring new value to market. Agility is key is today’s digitally enabled world. The good news is that studies show that companies who successfully manage their own digital transformation not only avoid disruption, but are 26% more profitable than their industry peers 3 .” Helping you turn great ideas into market-ready solutions By providing support end-to-end -- from design through to launch – Burrows says his organization can help companies in Asia take advantage of digital opportunities and turn great ideas into market-ready solutions. He cites practical results, “For example, South Korean-based video surveillance company, Innodep, reduced development time for its appliance by at least 40% by partnering with us. Likewise, a global building automation firm reduced cycle times by 50% and brought its Internet of Things (IoT) product to market nine months faster.” “When we look at the embedded computer market place -- whether it’s the traditional workloads or the new emerging workloads -- all of our competitors are trying to manage complexity. We play a consultative role, providing the building blocks for our customers to quickly bring their solutions to market.” 30 to 40 percent more cost effective India-based surveillance and security company, Godrej Security Solutions , agrees, and the company has been able to reduce the cost of ownership for customers. “We have optimized our technology using Dell EMC OEM hardware to provide customers with a solution that is 30 to 40 percent more cost effective than the offerings of competitors,” says Kiran Kumar Thakkar, Senior Manager of Technology, Godrej Security Solutions. From multi-nationals like Philips and GE to regional governments like Saensuk City , Thailand, global and regional partners and customers regard Dell EMC OEM as a trusted partner. How the partnership works in practice Describing how the OEM & IoT team works with customers, Burrows describes it “as a division of labor with both parties focussing on their core expertise.” “We help customers select the right compute power for their solution, modify the appropriate system to optimally run their intellectual property, certify it to industry standards or regulatory requirements, build it locally or globally, and ship it locally and/or globally, according to customer needs. We operate based on our customer’s requirements.” The value Dell EMC OEM brings to customers stretches end-to- end. Burrows explains, “Our dedicated engineering resources help customers rapidly prototype concepts, and project managers ensure customers use best practices, avoiding mistakes that might mean production delays. We can also help customers navigate trade regulations and, thanks to the reliability of a global supply chain, we can enable 1802AP04 customers to meet spikes in demand.” IoT services Customers also enjoy access to expert resources to address the IoT. Dell EMC’s IoT Lab in Singapore and network of global IoT technology and services partners can offer OEMs the tools to build the IoT solutions their customers need. Dell Technologies companies such as VMWare and Pivotal, also deliver advantages for customers looking to make an impact with embedded and IoT solutions. Access to the expertise of seven companies Burrows emphasizes the benefit for customers in having access to the full Dell Technologies family of businesses, consisting of Dell, Dell EMC, Pivotal, RSA, SecureWorks, Virtustream, and VMware. “The coming together of Dell EMC into the Dell Technologies family has released a tremendous amount of potential for Dell EMC OEM customers,” says Burrows. “We have the ability to provide our customers with access to seven technology leaders across the Dell Tech family,” says Burrows. Key vertical markets In the Asia region, Dell EMC OEM & IoT Solutions surpassed USD $1b in revenue earlier this