APAC Issue 2 2018 Urban Property Australia

8 APAC / Issue 2 2018 , AE170094 Providing the Key 2 Learning Key 2 Learning is an innovative company that provides support to the community sector, primarily health, aged care and disability, in systems and process improvement. We profile the firm to find out more about the solutions it offers and examine the secrets behind its success. Key 2 Learning is built on team engagement, passion and commitment. Alongside its work in the community sector, the firm is also a Registered Training Organisation, providing vocational training in community, aged care and disability qualifications from Certificate III to Diploma level. Key 2 Learning also provides continuous improvement and accreditation support to facilities preparing for ACSAA accreditation. As a Registered Training Organisation, Key 2 Learning is able to facilitate and coordinate competency-based training and assessment in the vocational sector, primarily in health, disability, aged care (residential and home-based care), mental health, alcohol and other drugs and health. Key 2 Learning prides itself on its flexibility and ability to adapt training to meet client needs and preferences. Additionally, the firm is a Registered Training Organisation, National Registration Code 88191. In addition to providing qualifications, Key 2 Learning also provides professional consultancy and sector training within health, disability services and aged care – community and residential. Through this work, the firm prides itself on partnering and liaising with key stake holders in the industry to provide positive outcomes for resident centred care within the consultancy process. Key 2 Learning is able to consult in numerous areas inclusive of service planning, change management process, cultural change, person-centred care, development and implementation. Finally, Key 2 Learning also provides non-vocational training in various sectors for a number of key clients. To providing this vast array of services to the very highest possible standard, the firm’s staff are experienced professionals committed to developing and delivering a quality product that is outcome focused to provide its students with the best learning experience possible. They pride themselves on their flexibility and ability to adapt training to meet client needs and preferences. Operating in such a highly competitive market, differentiation is crucial. What sets Key 2 Learning apart from its competitors is its ability to contextualise training and consultancy to meet your needs. The firm’s dedicated team has experience in continuous improvement, management, and service provision across a range of sectors. Ultimately, Key 2 Learning aims to assist others to unlock their potential, and develop knowledge and skills to enhance both their life and the lives of others, and this will remain the organisation’s ongoing focus as it looks towards a bright and exciting future. They firmly believe consultation and partnership are integral to improved outcomes for all, and as such they will continue to offer only the highest possible standard of support and innovative solutions to their valued clients.