APAC Issue 2 2018 Urban Property Australia

APAC / Issue 2 2018 7 Company: Urban Property Australia Managing Director: Sam Tamblyn Address: Ground Floor, 312 St Kilda Road, Melbourne, Victoria, 3004, Australia Telephone: +61 400 470 881 Web: www.upaustralia.com.au When Independence is Critical g of technology and changing consumer spending patterns, continues to lead to widely varying performance within the retail sector. Indicators are that shopping centres offering a shopping experience that includes various types of entertainment and service-based occupiers will survive and thrive in the new retail environment, while other centres which don’t offer a point of difference in the digital world may suffer valuation declines and occupancy levels. However, there is an upside. “We expect to see exponential growth in e-commerce having a significant impact on industrial development and investor demand for the next few years,” Sam says. “Logistics trends are strong and traditional industrial areas are increasingly benefiting from rezoning driven by urbanisation and population density. One of the biggest drivers for the industrial market is the need to locate distribution facilities closer to consumers.” Ensuring smarter decisions Ultimately, within this constantly changing environment, it is clear that independent and informed advice is the key to making the right investment decisions. “At UPA, all our recommendations are based on detailed knowledge of the market obtained through comprehensive research, up-to- date and accurate data,” Sam says. “The result is consistent, reliable and timely advice that allows you to proceed with confidence.”