APAC Issue 2 2018 Urban Property Australia

28 APAC / Issue 2 2018 , APAC’s Fried Chicken Market Gets a Boost with Latest Store Openings PT. Quick Serve Indonesia joins Texas Chicken ® to expand chicken brand’s Asia Pacific presence in a fresh, newway, offering exciting opportunities in this ever expandingmarket. Established in 2017, PT. Quick Serve Indonesia is a sister company of PT. Lumbung Reksa Arta, one of Indonesia’s most well-known companies specializing in the Food & Beverage space since 2014. Last year PT. Quick Serve Indonesia officially became the newest Texas Chicken franchisee in Indonesia, and they will be operating primarily in the Java & Bali regions. Based in Surabaya, PT. Quick Serve Indonesia currently employs approximately 50 people and expects to hire many more as they open more restaurants. Now, PT. Quick Serve Indonesia, one of the newest franchisees to join globally popular quick-service chicken chain Texas Chicken®, is entering the market in a big way with two openings for the company in just several weeks. The franchisee, which is the sister company to PT. Lumbung Reksa Arta, opened its first Texas Chicken in Surabaya, East Java in January in the Tunjungan Plaza 3 (TP3), with a second signature location in East Java with a record 175-seat capacity scheduled to open this week, February 7th in Kertajaya. The soon-to-open Kertajaya restaurant is a two-story stand- alone restaurant designed to provide a fresh new Texas Chicken dining experience. The restaurant, located at Jalan Raya Kertajaya Indah Blok H 101- 102, Mulyorejo, Surabaya, Jawa Timur, Indonesia 60116, will also showcase a new, contemporary design package, which offers a modern twist on the market’s signature look. Apart from the Original and Spicy Chicken well-loved by Indonesian guests for the past 30 years, the new Surabaya restaurants under PT Quick Serve’s management will introduce items from Texas Chicken’s international menu for the first time – the brand’s world-famous Honey-Butter Biscuit, crunchy juicy Tenders, Ice Cream Shortcakes, Mexicana Burger and Wrap, and a selection of Chicken & Rice dishes with international and Asian flavor sauces. “Indonesians love fried chicken. I previously favored another brand in my hometown, but once I tried the Texas Chicken products, I was sold and knew that we needed to be a part of this brand,” said Julius Evan Kristianto, Managing Director for PT. Quick Serve Indonesia. “I believe in the product and I believe in the brand. The Surabaya location is situated in a culinary hub for our region, which provides the brand an opportunity to continue to solidify its fan base in Indonesia.” “PT Quick Serve is part of a new and exciting partnership that will bring fresh and contemporary experience to our traditionally great tasting fried chicken,” said Tony Moralejo, Executive Vice President of International Business for Texas Chicken. “In addition to their growth mindset, their enthusiasm for the brand is something that makes them an ideal partner. The next few years are expected to be a period of strong brand growth in the Indonesian market, as we’re able to bring our quality fried chicken in a new way to the residents and visitors of the area.” With these two openings, and many more planned by PT Quick Serve, Texas Chicken is on the move to quickly expand the brand footprint substantially in Indonesia on top of the 60 existing units in the country currently operated by another franchise group in Indonesia, PT Cipta. Currently Texas Chicken has a presence in other Asian Pacific countries including Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Laos and New Zealand. This move into the APAC region highlights the constantly growing fried chicken and fast food market in the region, which will continue to grow and flourish as more international brands move into it.