APAC Issue 2 2018 Urban Property Australia

16 APAC / Issue 2 2018 , AHI GROUP Access Holdings International Pty Ltd (AHI) is an Australian company with more than 15 years experience in the design and manufacture of vertical personnel lifts. Our product range comprises of six machine series with thirty six models. Working heights range from 3.5 to 20 metres. Our products are of high quality, competitively priced and we do customise to meet the specific requirements of the customer. Our lifts are supplied to more than forty countries. The product series include: UB/UBL Quick Lift ® (Push around) mini scissor Eight models. Working heights: 3.5 – 5.9 metres UBM Quick Lift ® (Self – propelled)mini scissor Four models:Working heights: 3.8 – 5.9 metres Ladder replacements UG Up- Lift ® (Push around) Sliding rail Seven models. Working heights: 7.0 – 14.3 metres Our products are manufactured in accordance with ISO9001 quality management system and are fully compliant with European CE standards EN280:2013 and EN60204-1:2013. For further details please visit our website: www.ahiholdings.com ® Australian registered trademark. UGM Up -Lift ® ( Self-propelled) Sliding rail Three models. Working heights 5.9 – 8.2 metres UE Up –Lift ® ( Push around) Central mast Five models. Working heights: 8.1 – 16.5 me tres UT Up -Lift ® ( Push around) Multi mast Nine models. Working heights: 8.1 – 20.0 metres Safe access at heights Safe access at heights