APAC Issue 2 2018 Urban Property Australia

10 APAC / Issue 2 2018 , AE170094 Teaching the Future, Today For more than 16 years, Soarent Vision has been a long-termprovider of products and services to organisations and businesses for the sole purpose of customer improvement and profitability. We profile the company, whichwon Best Business Improvement Consultancy – Queensland in our 2017 Australian Enterprise Awards, to learnmore and explore the secrets behind its success. Drawing on his experience in the business space, George Lee Sye started Soarent Vision Pty Ltd in 2001. Today, the company has progressed from providing simple classroom based, Lean and Six Sigma training solutions to medium and large sized companies, to providing a complete staff training solution for any sized company; not just the training platform but also the content. A customer can now establish a fully branded, totally secure online training university in less than two weeks, where all or any of the 60 plus training courses developed by Soarent Vision can be migrated into the site and used at no cost alongside any company courses. Operating in such a competitive corporate market, differentiation is crucial, and as such the firm works hard to stand out from the crowd. The most noticeable difference between Soarent Vision and its competitors is the company’s continued focus on delivering training that leads to practical application and the ability of students to generate some sort of quantifiable value. As George says; “We are practitioners who can teach extremely well, not theorists who’ve never really applied what they teach.” Evidence of his ability to teach can be found in the 16 books George has written, including an expansive 836-page body of knowledge titled Process Mastery with Lean Six Sigma 2nd Edition. The company is also in the process of developing Apps for smartphones that complement the training solutions offered and text books. This range of tools highlights George’s commitment to sharing his vast knowledge and experience with both his customers and his industry peers. This collaborative approach is internal as well as external, and as such Soarent Vision relies heavily on collaborative tools for information sharing and file management as George and his team work hard to support each other. George believes that good people operate well when they are trusted and allowed to achieve outcomes without being told how to do that. Therefore, there is a total freedom in the office for people to get on with the job and deliver results, and do it when and how they want to do it. Guided by the company’s single policy, ‘use your best judgement’, they are free to get on with the job and do what they do best. This works hand in hand with a ‘sometimes we win, sometimes we learn’ attitude where there is never blame fixing for mistakes, but always a focus on solutions and learning. Obtaining staff who work well in such a self-directing environment can sometimes be challenging as this model does not suit everyone. Word of mouth and recommendations have always been the backbone of any recruitment. Everyone who has joined Soarent Vision has in some way engaged with George in the training space or at his public speaking events, and as a result pursued a relationship with the company, which ensures that the internal culture remains enjoyable and that George can rely on his team to drive his values and philosophy forward. Looking to the future, Soarent Vision’s mission is to deliver world-class organisational change education, continuous improvement tools, plus business execution coaching and support to highly motivated business leaders and owners, and to utilise earnings to consolidate the future for the company. Ultimately George wants his customers to live richer more prosperous lives because of their interaction with Soarent Vision’s products and services; that they are achieving quantifiable results and are vocal in their support of