APAC Issue 2 2018 Ultra Tune

APAC / Issue 2 2018 7 Contact: Rod Cedaro, National Marketing Manager Address: Unit 15, 762 Toorak Rd, Glen Iris, Victoria, 3146, Australia Phone: 0061 39815 9200 Website: www.ultratune.com.au Leaders in Auto Services g We have a fully automated SMS system that reminds clients of upcoming bookings and sends thank-you and follow up SMS’s automatically, making the customer feel valued and satisfied. In a down turning market, Ultra Tune has continued to flourish, consolidating its position as Australia’s leader in this realm.” Contributing to its high standing in Australia and the auto services industry on the whole, there are many aspects of the company which separate it apart from its competitors, leaving the business as Australia’s largest independent after sales automotive service provider. Since starting out, the company has continued to grow and prosper whilst others have faltered. Aside from the buying capacity and economies of scale, which ensures Ultra Tune is around 40% cheaper than the manufacturers on a standard service, Ultra Tune’s Executive Chairman, Sean Buckley, over the years has invested heavily in intellectual property including a IT platform which supports franchisees and clients from initial booking through to subsequent re-bookings. From a technical perspective, Ultra Tune employs two full time technical experts, and their roles are to stay on top of the latest digital based advancements in auto-technology, and as such disseminate that information across the franchise network. Embedded in the company culture, Ultra Tune’s mantra is to build trust through integrity and transparency based on dependability and unequalled customer service. Sean comments on the internal culture within the company, again referring to the intensive training that people go through in order to ensure that every member of staff is best placed to answer queries a client or consumer may have. “In addition to the intensive training our franchisees go through, we also employ client liaison managers in each state, as well as a National Customer Service Manager out of our head office, as every customer concern is always dealt with as a matter of priority. Our customer’s happiness is paramount, and we pride ourselves on dealing with any customer complaint in an expedient and fair manner.” Ultimately, it is an allegiance to franchisees and customers which is Ultra Tune’s main priority. The firm are well prepared personally and technically in order to take advantage of any more developments and challenges which may arise. Providing customer service efficiently and competitively is a leading aim moving forwards, as well as operating with continued excellence, communicating with integrity, and staying at the forefront of the ever-evolving automotive service market. Ultra Tune, as Australia’s leading after sales services provider, is perfectly positioned to take advantage of its position within the market and the new regulations. Sean Buckley (Executive Chairman of the Ultra Group of Companies), Jasmin Rainbow, Tyana Hansen and Parnia Porsche (Rubber Girls), Mike Tyson (former World Heavyweight Boxing Champion) and Rod Cedaro (National Marketing Manager – Ultra Tune).