APAC Issue 12 2018

6 APAC / Issue 12 2018 , Making Justice A Priority The APAC Legal Awards, in combination with Winners Review 2018, has recently announced National Criminal Lawyers TM as the winner of 2018’s Best Criminal Law Firm in New South Wales. Handpicked exclusively from approximately 120 criminal law firms in Sydney for their excellence, outstanding results and client reviews, National Criminal Lawyers TM has set the benchmark for outstanding services. The seven panel judges chose the firm thanks to its dedication to client service and commitment to excellence, as well as its vast experience in the legal industry. National Criminal Lawyers™ was founded by the Principal of the firm, Mr Michael Moussa. Mr Moussa is a prominent Sydney based criminal lawyer who has represented some of Sydney’s most notorious cases, including the manslaughter charges of an Australian Federal Police officer. Additionally, he has also been successful in defending some of the hardest cases Australia has ever seen, such as, for example a child abduction case in which the police made a false arrest. Speaking to the Awards Judges, Mr Moussa discusses his passion for justice and dedication to each and every one of his clients. “Criminal law has and will always be about justice to the individual. I am extremely passionate about my lawyers working hard to unravel cases in a methodological and meticulous process, finding cracks in the prosecution cases.” Rated as one of the top 6 lawyers in Sydney, Mr Moussa has contributed to the success of innocent people avoiding jail time. Alongside his work for his clients, he has also assisted those who are not fortunate enough to be able to afford obtain legal representations with educational videos on their dedicated YouTube channel. This unique resource is available for a variety of users and offers both the general public and Mr Moussa’s industry peers the chance to benefit from his many years of industry expertise. Owing to Mr Moussa’s commitment to his clients, National Criminal Lawyers™ offers three specific selling points which have appeased their clients. An audit of their google reviews is suggestive of their commitment in obtaining the best results for their clients. Alongside Mr Moussa, National Criminal Lawyers™ is also made up of excellent senior advocates who work endlessly to ensure that Justice is not only seen, but carried out fairly. With their combined 25 years of criminal law experience they have seen, cracked and opposed thousands of prosecutions cases. Aiming to offer choice as well as quality, the firm offers four unique options which can be individually tailored to suit its clients’ specific circumstances and needs. For example, if a person is charged with a criminal offence National Criminal Lawyers™ gives them the option to: try and negotiate with prosecutors/police (plea negotiation); plead Not Guilty and go to hearing/trial; plead guilty to the elements of the charge WR180035 Thanks to a vast wealth of experience, National Criminal Lawyers™ is one of Sydney’s most sought after criminal lawfirms. Having been awarded as the Best Criminal Law Firm2018 in New SouthWales in our ‘Winner’s Review’ of the past year, we profiled the firm to showcase the secrets behind its success. and then dispute the facts (at a special “disputed facts” hearing); and/or plead guilty with full acceptance of the facts as set out by the police. By offering clients a combination of knowledge and choice the firm is able to ensure that they make an informed decision and receive an outcome that is both affordable and in their client’s best interest. Looking to the future, National Criminal Lawyers TM will continue to focus on offering its clients exceptional quality services that will meet their needs and exceed their expectations at a time when they are most in need of support.

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