APAC Issue 11 2018

APAC / Issue 11 2018 9 cliché to say that to survive, all brands must have instant appeal, and be agile and fast-moving. We say that in fact, the best- managed brands are those that combine a compelling brand experience with a clear sense of purpose and these nine, more established companies, are a good example of that.” Balance is best Sykes says: “The FutureBrand The Future of Terminals Battling Increased Capacity, Manila Case Study g Index is unique because it reveals the future potential of the world’s most prominent companies. It is not based on assumptions or our opinions but rather it’s a robust view of how these companies are perceived and, as ever, it’s yielded some fascinating results. “The Index shows that the brands performing the best, irrespective of which sector they’re in or how well-established they may be, are those that consistently align the totality of the experiences they create with their wider corporate purpose. “Comparing this year’s results to previous versions of the Index shows there’s no room for complacency. If brands lose their focus on the balance of attributes they need for future success, they quickly fall down the rankings.”