APAC Issue 11 2018

10 APAC / Issue 11 2018 , As an IT company operating in the Maritime and Logistic sector, we understand the challenges companies face in creating a gender diverse workplace. While 31% of our team are female and 34% of hires over the last five years were women, we are always looking for opportunities to improve. At 1-Stop we pride ourselves on knowing that every new hire and every promotion is made solely on identifying the best person for the role. We are proactive in creating an environment where everyone is given the opportunity and tools to succeed. We recognize that people are different, and that uniqueness is what makes us successful. We have company policies and people-strategies, to create fairness and treat people equitably. While the 1-Stop leadership team are key in pushing diversity strategies and initiatives, every team member is an unofficial champion of diversity. This means the diversity mindset is integrated throughout our business at every level. Women Working in IT, Logistics and the Supply Chain 1-Stop has a robust recruitment program which includes objective criteria for each role, minimizing the chance of recruiter subjectivity. We are in the process of rolling out recruitment training for all our hiring managers, covering topics such as writing gender-neutral job ads, inclusive interviewing techniques, recruitment biases, and Anti-Discrimination Law. Training our team leaders on potential biases means they actively challenge their decisions, and those of their colleagues during the hiring process. Understanding how conformity bias, similarity bias, attribution bias or confirmation biases operate (as examples), mean they are better prepared to avoid them. These same standards are applied for decisions around promotions, salary increases and access to training. We are currently reviewing our Parental Leave policy, aiming to better support parents in transitioning back to work and balancing work/life commitments. At 1-Stop, we work hard to provide a flexible working environment, where employees have the option to start late/ finish early or work from home. While we currently have woman on our leadership and management teams, our next goal is to improve gender diversity at our board level. 1-Stop operates in markets across the world, and having employees from many different cultures, helps us better understand, anticipate and exceed our client’s expectations. We are supportive of people of all races, genders, and religions, and take care to be inclusive in the way we operate. We provide a prayer room in our office, flexibility to attend church/mosque/temple during work hours, promote a family friendly office, organize social events which cater to a wide range of interests and provide inclusive food and beverage options at each one. We are currently looking to leverage the language skills of our bi-lingual employees to help us build better relationships internationally. We encourage our employees to bring their whole- selves to work and recently hosted a multicultural lunch where employees brought food which reflects their culture to share with the team. While there has been a rise of womenworking in the IT, Logistics and Supply Chain industry, the ratio of men to women is not yet even, in fact, women comprise only 2%of the world Maritime and Logistic sector. At 1-Stop we have women represented across the business in Business Analytics, Marketing, and Government Relations, Accounting, Human Resources, Product Research, Development and more. As we build the number of women across the business, we create role models and mentors for the next generation of women in 1-Stop. We understand the importance of having women represented across all levels of the business. It’s good for our team, and research has shown time and time again that it makes good business sense. With a CEO who champions gender diversity and a company that is proactive about improving inclusion for women and minorities, I am excited about our future as we work together to enhance and innovate the port community. We are always looking for more talent, reach out to us and send through your resume [email protected] Lauren Ratcliffe HR Manager 1-Stop Connections