APAC Issue 10 2018

26 APAC / Issue 10 2018 , Hodusoft, a world- renowned developer of affordable open source based communication packages, announced availability of multi-tenant PBX software for healthcare industry. Elaborating on the features, the company VP said that its hosted IP PBX software package works right out of the box and can be operational in a half hour and hospitals do not even need to pay a high fee upfront. The highly secured system enables conformity with laws governing medical data. It has a rich feature set that includes tenant-wise phone books, backend CRM integration, interactive voice response (IVR), paging, user management and call routing. Users can define and set call forwarding rules, enjoy click to call, call park, extension pickup, barge in and fax to email to fax as well as voicemail facility. More importantly, the multi-tenancy feature opens up huge possibilities for healthcare operators with several branches across the Hodusoft Announces Multi-Tenant IP PBX Software for Healthcare Industry country. Callers anywhere in the country can dial just one number and connect to the IVR and be routed to the right healthcare professionals. Hospitals may employ private doctors in far flung areas and include them in the multi-tenant IP PBX set up thereby centralizing operations. Doctors, nurses and paramedics in the field can be part of the multi-tenant IP PBX chain using their mobiles and receive calls from the hospital to which they are attached as well as access patient records. Inclusion of WebRTC technologies in the multi-tenant setup vastly improves the scope for collaboration between doctors in diverse locations through the audio and video conference feature in addition to sharing patient records in real time. Communications and collaborations improve while costs decrease. One of the greatest benefits is satisfaction of patients whose calls are intelligently routed to the right doctor through the PBX. The doctor also enjoys privacy of his number while being available through his landline phone or mobile with find me/ follow-me and time conditions routing of inbound calls. At the same time, staff members of hospitals in various locations can also interconnect and collaborate when a multi-tenant IPPBX is in place. Managing and monitoring multiple locations as well as individual users is easy for administrators. They can create groups of users and define access as well as other features. Hodusoft’s healthcare IP PBX has a custom dashboard for handling all tasks. Hodusoft’s multi-tenant IPPBX solution integrates into existing infrastructure and makes use of existing IPPBX phones. It can just as well be implemented from the ground up in startups at far lower costs since it is a hosted solution on a pay-as-you-go basis. Hodusoft developed the multi- tenant IPPBX package for healthcare industry after a careful study and analysis of their requirements. It costs far less than a proprietary solution and can be implemented in a short time with most of its features fitting in well with what the healthcare industry needs in communications. The healthcare industry is booming and it is also becomingmore competitivewith patient satisfaction being of prime importance. Multi-tenant IP PBX software at the core of communications considerably helps hospitals improve operations.