APAC Issue 10 2018

APAC / Issue 10 2018 25 Thailand’s M&A Activities Shows Positive Growth and is Expected to Peak in 2020, Says Report by Solidiance g 2018 which is expected to reach similar levels as 2017 or higher. One major M&A deal to note in early 2018 was the acquisition of Bongkot Project by PTTEP International Limited valued at USD 750 million in the energy sector. At present, 85% of the M&A transaction value in early 2018 was from domestic investments resulting from a recovery of exports in the industrial sector. Backed by a manufacturing- driven economy, Thailand is perceived as a global destination for tourism and an emerging manufacturing hub. Moreover, the government’s commitment to invest and foster a business scheme in the Eastern Economic Corridor will further stimulate market opportunities. Thailand will remain an attractive stage for domestic, outbound and inbound M&A deals which should reach its peak in 2020.