APAC Issue 10 2018

16 APAC / Issue 10 2018 , The property market can be an intimidating landscape, fraught with stress and uncertainty. Purchasing a house, let alone moving into one, is a decision that can dictate lifestyles and influences decisions for years to come, in Kiani’s own words, “buying a house involves an emotional investment as well as a financial one”. KLM Conveyancing understand, fundamentally, their clients and work to allay any fears, worries and concerns they may have to provide a positive experience, not a dreaded one. To start the interview, we spoke to Kiani to see how KLM Conveyancing are unique in an overwhelmingly competitive industry: “Ultimately, we pride ourselves on client interaction, a professional yet comforting approach, and make sure we are available for questions and queries however small they may seem. Equally, we want to extend our knowledge of the process and procedures to our clients, so they walk away knowing exactly what has taken place and how the final results were reached – not just the broad strokes.” This is a refreshing take on what has, traditionally, been a rather distant transaction. An expert making a Client-Centric Conveyancing Experts KLMConveyancing is an experienced property law and conveyancing firmbased out of offices in Albert Park andMornington, in the Australian state of Victoria. In September, the firm was recognised in APAC InsiderMagazine’s esteemed 2018 APAC Legal Awards programme with the title of ‘Best in Property Law& Conveyancing’. Following this, we spoke toManaging Director, Kiani Mills, to find out more about her work and industry. decision or providing a service on behalf of the client, with the latter knowing very little about the day to day minutiae. Kiani agrees, “moving home is stressful enough without having to worry about the legal process and whether your conveyancer is representing your interests correctly.” “If you have had a bad experience with a conveyancer or solicitor before, let KLM Conveyancing show you that sometimes, good things do come in smaller packages.” KLM Conveyancing represents an altogether more client- centric approach to property law, without sacrificing the best in class expert services you can come to expect from larger firms. Specialising primarily in residential conveyancing and developments, KLM are guaranteed to offer a complete and bespoke approach to any and all residential transactions, LG180036 regardless of complexity or circumstances. Contact: Kiani Mills Company: KLM Conveyancing Address: Albert Park, 70 Bridport Street, Albert Park VIC 3206, Australia Telephone: +61 (0) 39448 8282 Address: 49 Octavia Street, Mornington VIC 3931, Australia Telephone: +61 (0) 38580 0230 Website: www.KLMConveyancing.com.au