APAC Issue 10 2018

APAC / Issue 10 2018 11 , in an industry that has always held perfection as the attainable, but sometimes misses the mark. There can be no mistaking INIKA Organic’s credentials, nor their commitment to this perfection. If you are looking for perfect, look no further. Company: INIKA Organic Address: 813 Springvale Road, Mulgrave, VIC Australia 3170 Website: www.inikaorganic.com Telephone: +61 3 8544 8000 Established in Australia in 2006, INIKAOrganic have grown their brand on the back of a dedication to organic products. Earlier this year, INIKAOrganic were named in APAC Insider Magazine’s 2018 Global Excellence Awards programme with the title of Organic Beauty Product of the Year. On the back of this deserved success, we took a look at this innovative firm to find out how their commitment to organic products has helped them forge a remarkable reputation in the industry. 1809AP05 Pioneers in Organic Beauty: In the Pursuit of Perfection 7 8 First and foremost, INIKA Organic believe wholeheartedly in the role organic products play in enduring natural, flawless health and beauty. They boast products that are 100% natural, certified vegan, halal, and cruelty-free for consumer peace of mind. Further, their motto is to never compromise on quality or performance; it’s an approach that has garnered them worldwide recognition and helped them to amass an ardent global fanbase. Further, and perhaps more importantly, INIKA Organic was created to tackle the need for a healthy alternative to mainstream makeup – a product that detoxes and reinvigorates. This remains at the very heart of INIKA Organic’s brand image – a commitment to natural purification. To help achieve this, INIKA Organic rigorously test their ingredients to ensure that they meet the highest of standards, and can be certified as organic, wherever possible. This, ultimately, frames INIKA Organic’s image from the very beginning. They aim to produce the best possible products for their clients. No imitations, and no substitutions – only the honest, the organic, the pure and the natural. Complimenting this, at the centre of their brand, lies a promise to their clients; a comprehensive guarantee that their products, to name a few, are free from talc, petrochemicals, chelating agents, alkyl sulphates or anti-microbial agents – nothing with the potential to harm. For this, they were awarded under the esteemed Global Excellence programme, which aims to spotlight only the very best businesses and individuals working in the Asia-Pacific. INIKA Organic are truly deserving of the title of ‘Organic Beauty Product of the Year’ on the back of their work in the sector. INIKA Organic are a stalwart and a trend-setter