APAC Issue 1 2018

8 APAC / Issue 1 2018 “It gives a great pleasure when we see our work and vision getting appreciated in the fraternity. However, I believe this award is not just mine. I dedicate it to my whole team at Edelweiss Tokio Life Insurance. My efforts may not have mattered but for the support of my team at Edelweiss Tokio. Our company has two simple goals – to offer customized insurance solutions to all our clients and to honor every commitment that we make would once again take an opportunity to thank my entire team to have bestowed their faith on me and my convictions. “When your work and ideas get their due recognition in the industry, they act as driving forces for you to bring more creativity and innovation into your products. As we continue to strive to meet varying needs of our customers, be it creating a product catering to both risk mitigation and investment needs or a pure wealth creation product, we have been on our toes to add value to our existing portfolio. With our efforts getting appreciated, we will continue to focus on reaching out to our customers through direct channels and continue to offer personalized product portfolio.” Moving forward, digitalisation will remain a key focus, as will the automation of the industry, as firms seek to reduce costs by using robots. Therefore, customer service will become less important, however, as Deepak concludes, client support remains a core focus for Edelweiss Tokio. “Fundamentally, at Edelweiss Tokio, the customer is never just a policy number. In the service industry, personalization is quickly becoming the buzzword. Intuitive understanding of your customers’ requirements, problem areas, and pre-emptive resolution is a must. “Instead of the customer reaching out to us, we would like to be a part of their natural interaction trajectory; it is our constant endeavour to enable self-help for our customers, to alleviate wait times and anxiety. We extensively invest in the Right People, Right process & the Right systems to ensure that the service teams have 360-degree customer view; this helps them make successful and intuitive interactions with the customer which are relevant and contextual. Every decision taken at Edelweiss Tokio centers around the philosophy of ‘Customer at the Board Room’, and this will remain our focus as we look towards a bright future.”