APAC Issue 1 2018

APAC / Issue 1 2018 19 Company: 1-Stop Connections Contact: James Skurray Address: 376 Bay St, Brighton-Le-Sands, NSW, 2216, Australia Phone :0061 2 9588 8934 Website: www.1-stop.biz Machine Learning, AI, the IoT and 1-Stop Connections g Machine learning goes global Every port that relies on international trade is investing in ML. A Californian analytics software company, Maana, is working to mathematically model the process that goes into rerouting a vessel in the event of a port closure or natural disaster. Using traditional methods, it could take eight hours to evaluate the potential of an alternative port. With AI, it can be done in minutes. Hong Kong freight logistics service CargoSmart accesses a database of every route offered by the world’s 30 biggest carriers. It also has five years’ worth of automatic identification system (AIS) vessel movement data. The system can predict at any moment if a vessel is likely to arrive on schedule. In conclusion, the common problems faced by the port community are lack of transparent information flow, under-utilisation of equipment, and inefficient practices. With new ML and AI platforms and a smart Vehicle Booking System (VBS) it is possible to alleviate these issues in the port community and smoothly connect terminal and landside operations. Ultimately, 1-Stop Connections should be the first port of call for any operator looking to bring the latest predictive technology into the supply chain for improved efficiency and dependable delivery.