APAC Issue 1 2018

14 APAC / Issue 1 2018 , Founded in 1979, Uniware was established as a software development company specialising in the PICK/MultiValue development environment, and it continues to work with MultiValue databases. Over the ensuing years, the firm has developed its own software, notably; ClearConnect (e-Commerce software API for MultiValue systems) and AusVantage ERP (Enterprise resource planning software), a fully integrated supply chain and accounting solution for Small to Medium size enterprises which is Uniware’s Flagship product. Craig starts off by explaining the firm’s overall mission, detailing how staff at the company work hard to partner and work with industry leaders, meaning more solutions are available to pick and choose from for clients. “Throughout the company, we want to provide exceptional IT products and services with unrivalled customer service. We do this by partnering with industry leaders to provide our clients with freedom of choice, a complete IT product and service offering, through our highly experienced employees.” As a specialist provider of cloud based MultiValue databases, Uniware recently announced a new relationship with American company Zumasys Inc. Zumasys have a history of taking mission critical applications of all types 1801AP02 Pick Your Future Uniware is a specialist provider of the widest range of MultiValue Database solutions in Australia and NewZealand. The firmdelivers exceptional cloud and in premiseMultiValue Database technology and ERP solutions. We profiled the firmand interviewed Craig Alford as we look to find out about the ambitious company. (SQL, Oracle, Pick, Progress and more) and layering on world class infrastructure, cloud and mobile to move these applications forward. With deep roots in the PICK/MultiValue industry, Zumasys has made a series of strategic decisions, investments and acquisitions to strengthen the value that they bring to Pick/ MultiValue customers. Craig tells us the reasons behind the firm’s partnership with Zumasys. “Zumasys and Uniware are completely aligned when it comes to the future of MultiValue. To provide the Australian and New Zealand market with MultiValue Database choice, and lead the industry with comprehensive marketing, information and education for those clients who currently use or are looking to use these products in their line of business.” Uniware are early providers of Cloud services hosting MultiValue Database Applications in the Uniware Cloud, ensuring its customers’ mission critical business applications are secure and giving the client’s piece of mind and robust performance. Presently, Uniware now offers Australia’s most extensive range of MultiValue Databases and services in Australia and New Zealand to choose from, including; jBASE, OpenQM, UniVerse, UniData and D3. A leader within the technological industry, the team’s deep knowledge and broad service offering is unparalleled. Regarding MultiValue itself, MultiValue is a Database application development environment providing a secure and efficient platform for the development of modern business applications using the latest in programming and coding technics available today, for example Python and Web services. MultiValue is a type of forms based NoSQL database which requires a very small and inexpensive footprint to deliver complex business applications that encompass complex business rules, analytics and cognitive computing requirements. Moreover, MultiValue database technology is used extensively in industries such as; Banking, Finance, Manufacturing, Distribution, Local Government and Health Care. In fact, a day will not go by where you have not interacted somewhere with a MultiValue application. Many of the world’s largest organisations use MultiValue technology for their core business applications. Adaptable and versatile, not only does the firm offer its clients a range of databases, it also offers ongoing support and development. There are hundreds of organisations with aging databases and resource shortages who are looking for modern features, and user interfaces to protect and modernise the many man years of investment in ageing intellectual property. Uniware is available to assist clients on a 24/7 basis to ensure that their business is running at its optimal performance. Within the APAC region, the technology industry is growing rapidly, and Craig divulges into further detail about the MultiValue database sector in particular, noting how much it has grown within Australia and New Zealand. “Over many years of being heavily involved within the MultiValue database industry, we have observed the need for increased opportunities within this market; leading to greater understanding of an increased participation of MultiValue within Australia and New Zealand.” “Uniware are now able to offer the freedom of choice for our customer’s appropriate circumstances and look forward to growing the MultiValue market in the region via our various vendor relationships and increased marketing activity.” Marking the company out as the best possible option for clients, Craig is keen to point out how Uniware differentiates itself from its competitors. He talks about being a focused customer service organisation with deep MultiValue knowledge, driving its partners business performance through innovation and reliability. Referring to the company’s experience in the industry, Craig mentions that the variety of solutions that the firm offers is something which really sets them apart from competitors.