APAC Issue 1 2018

12 APAC / Issue 1 2018 , Founded in 2014, Valenta work with Financial Advisers, Mortgage Brokers, Accountants and Lawyers in Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, UK and the US. With service delivery centres in India and Malaysia, we provide cost effective yet efficient solutions through our highly skilled staff. Chetan explains what differentiates the firm from its competitors, marking itself out as the best possible option. “Here at Valenta, we reinvest in to new verticals. For example, when we first started our operations back in 2014, we were only a Paraplanning service provider. Today, we offer Loan Processing, Accounting, Paralegal, Technology Consulting and Financial Crime Solutions. Each one of these verticals is literally like starting a new business from scratch. We invest a lot in training and development. If we need to send our staff to a client’s office in the UK, US or Australia, we don’t think twice. If it’s needed, it is needed, When we start a new vertical, we train staff and build processes. So, when our clients start with us, they don’t have to worry about staff training. This is a key differentiator, as there are outsourcing companies 1712AP07 Specialists Within the Industry Valenta was established with an aim to provide quality outsourcing/offshoring solutions to the Financial & Legal Services Industry. Chetan Kasimdescribes more about the offerings of the firm, and what services the firmoffers. that just act as recruitment firms, wherein they provide the staff and the client has to train and manage the staff. At Valenta, each staff has a reporting manager who we allocate and the reporting managers liaise with the client for on-boarding, regular on-going reviews, process improvement suggestions which eventually leads to exceptional customer service and client engagement. Our focus has not been on getting funded by VC’s and Angels and thinking of exit strategies. Our focus has solely been on how we can add further value to our clients.” Working within the competitive financial and legal industries, Chetan explains what techniques the firm employs in order to stay ahead of emerging developments, which are arising almost every day. He talks about investing in technology with regard to finance and customer service, ensuring the very highest standards are met. “Currently, we are investing in several technology solutions. We are launching Nuclear CRM for Financial Advisers, Mortgage Brokers, Accountants and Lawyers in Feb 2018. This is going to be a game changer for our clients as Nuclear is not just a CRM but a Practice Management Software which will put our client in a whole new level as it will give them complete control of their business through several integrations that are required to operate in todays competitive markets. The software is also not just restricted to any one market and therefore is a global solution and clients with operations in multiple countries can also benefit from it. We are simultaneously working on AI Chatbots and RPA Solutions that could add a lot of value to our client’s businesses. You need to keep inventing and evolving. That’s really the key. With the rise of Fintech, AI and RPA, it is important to understand what each of these solutions can really do and how they can add value. It is not just about replacing a human with a bot, but going deeper to see how they both can coexist.” Part of its new technology regime is the firm’s customer service ability, and how every measure is taken to try and match the customer demands. The firm conducts webinars regularly where it discusses how businesses benefit from outsourcing and how technology solutions should be implemented. As the firm works in multiple geographies, it is able to pass on it’s learnings to it’s clients. “Before we take on new clients and projects, our senior management team works very closely with the client to understand their requirements in detail. We provide our clients with case studies, so they get a better idea on how the process could work and how similar businesses have benefited from using our services.” Demonstrating a good understanding of what it takes to be successful, Chetan tells us what challenges Valenta has had to overcome in order to be successful in the Asia-Pacific region. He talks about keeping staff motivated in the highly skilled business, and gaining certifications has led to the company being able to showcase its many talents. “Like any new business, there are always hurdles to overcome. In our case, when we first started our Paraplanning service offering, clients were used to Outsourcing within Australia however not Overseas. They were always concerns with IT Infrastructure, Data Protection, Staff Qualifications and Time Zone differences. We knew the best way to overcome most of these hurdles would be to get ISO Certified and we started that process literally in our 10th