APAC Issue 1 2018

APAC / Issue 1 2018 11 Contact: Andrew Owens Contact Email: andrew@green- boxarchitecture.com Address: Level 3, 40 King St, Sydney, NSW, 2000, Australia Inspiring the Inspired g by multi-disciplinary engineering practices or project managers; and most notably, projects delivered using design and build contract. “Each delivery method has its good and bad points however, the biggest and most impactful one has been the rise of procurement departments. Treating the procurement of design and engineering services as though it is a consumable, like photocopy paper, removes the strong and beneficial link between client and professional. Successful projects are about getting the right team together at the earliest point of time, and not about choosing the team based on cost. This is where some projects are heading.” Delivering excellent projects is the ethos of Greenbox, and it is not possible without a happy and strong working environment, with the team working innovatively and collaboratively to provide the best possible service to clients. “Greenbox have a very inclusive culture, which is driven, amongst many other aspects, by the diverse cultural backgrounds of the employees. Within the company of more than 20 people, the current mix is that 70% of them were born outside Australia. This has not been a deliberate action, rather we put an emphasis on people’s skills, personality and what they can bring to the team. The diversity has sprung creativity, knowledge and respect within our practice and outside of it. “Additionally, the team spend a lot of time making sure that we have a kind group, and this is via many means. However, recently we have developed a giving back program where we, as an office, all dedicate two days a year to work with a charity or not for profit company. One of the days is done as the entire office and we all get out and do something meaningful.” Further improving the internal culture and services, Andrew ensures that staff have access to all the necessary technology they need to guarantee client satisfaction. “Whist that is great for the staff culture and morale, making sure we can give all staff the technology to do their work flexibly is a strong decision we have made. Technology is not to make them always contactable and working 24 hours a day, it is to allow them to get the work done and not be tied to the office.” Regarding the architecture and interior design industry, Andrew predicts that computers and technology will have a more dominant role to play He is particularly keen to talk about the 3D aspect of design. “Whilst we use computers more and more, I think over time we will not only see some of the functions of drawing being done somewhat automatically, but 3D will be different to what we now understand. We design in 3D, we now document in 3D and soon we will see that the conveying of information to the builder will also be 3D. Interactive 3D models will be issued to the builders and consultants, allowing them to use VR and AR to fully understand the design.” Overall, the creative team at Greenbox Architecture is always looking at what is ahead for the company, keen to stay ahead of any developments and factors which may have an impact to the market. “Going forward, I always look ahead to what is next. I love being able to work with a great team, and for interesting and passionate clients, I will continue to look out for both of these. “All of the team work towards the same mission of doing a great job, having fun, and being creative and adding value. Firms like Greenbox are all about the people. Getting this right is the key to our success.”