APAC Indian Excellence Awards 2018

4 APAC / 2018 Indian Excellence Awards , 1 ACL Airshop Making Strategic Progress in Asia-Pacific Region ACL Airshop, a steadily growing leader in products and services for the global air cargo and airlines industry, has shown steady progress in the aviation industry’s fastest growing region of the world, Asia-Pacific. Over the past 35 years, ACL Airshop has become a leading worldwide one-stop shop for leasing, sales, repairs, and fleet control of Unit Load Devices ( “ULDs” ) and cargo control products manufacturing for the aviation industry. Today the company operates around the world on six continents, at nearly all of the world’s Top 50 air cargo hub airports. One of the unique aspects of the company’s offerings is short-term rentals and leasing solutions for airlines’ cargo products requirements— that is where ACL Airshop has made its strongest reputation for Custom ULD Solutions. The company has also begun rolling out innovative Bluetooth tracking technology for its air cargo and airlines customers, an industry first. In the past 5 years, the company has grown from a single station in Hong Kong to 14 stations in the region today, including a substantial ULD Repair Station at Narita Airport, Tokyo and an initial thrust into Delhi, India with a local partner there. ACL Airshop will continue expanding geographically to keep pace with rising industry trends, and invest for growth in each of its lines of business. Looking forward, ACL Airshop’s Asia-Pacific growth plans include a major investment in a full ULD Repair Station at its existing operations in Hong Kong. ACL Airshop will keep expanding following airline customers’ guidance for additional cities as we “Grow The Network.” Further service enhancements for customers include offering low energy Bluetooth real- time tracking capability, an expanded Global Ops Center in Amsterdam, and ULD Control logistics management programs. Pieter van Calcar, Managing Director for ACL Airshop’s Asia- Pacific region, said, “We listen carefully to Customer signals about where and how to grow. Expansion in this region follows the burgeoning market trends here, boosted even further by e-Commerce.” Attending the upcoming Cargo Facts Asia symposium in Shanghai, ACL Airshop’s Chairman & CEO Steve Townes said, “Our network power is amplified by our investments in technology. This helps ACL Airshop be an even better partner for cargo control products to the over the 200 worldwide airlines we serve. Growth in the Asia-Pacific region is a strategic imperative for us.”