APAC Indian Excellence Awards 2017

8 APAC / Indian Business Awards 2017 , Over the past decade, Biophore has emerged as a trusted partner in generic industry across US, Europe and other regulated markets. Drawing on this experience, Biophore is consistently delivering complex and niche pharmaceutical products for the generic pharmaceutical industry. Research and innovation are the pillars of Biophore’s operations. Biophore’s research activities extends from the development of active pharmaceuticals to fixed dose formulations for the regulated markets. At any point of the time, Biophore’s research is focused on an average of 80 products which are at various stages of development. Biophore’s portfolio is diverse and is spread over 30 therapeutic categories which include synthetic steroids, synthetic peptides, contrast and diagnostic media and oncology. Over the years, the firm has filed about 70 DMFs and 50 patents for its unique portfolio. The state-of-the art technology development center located in Hyderabad is equipped with infrastructure that facilitates activities from conceptualization INB17004 Best Research-Driven Global Pharmaceutical Company 2017 Biophore is an established pharmaceutical company engaged in the development and manufacture of niche pharmaceutical products for generic industry. We profile the firm to find out more about the discoveries it has made and how it works to provide excellence at all times. till regulatory submissions. Biophore’s advanced research and development facilities has the competency to develop and commercialize processes for active pharmaceutical ingredients and fixed dose formulations. With over 80,000 square feet workspace, the research center hosts equipment up-to-date with the advancements in the field of pharmaceutical technology. The technology development centre has dedicated laboratories for development of peptides, oncology products and other potent APIs. The research centre integrates the science of chemistry with the innovative approach and fosters the technology to produce cost-effective and niche pharmaceutical products. The firm believes innovation as a component of the success for any organization that banks on research. Research at Biophore compliments science with innovative approach and creates a “technology based approach” to develop novel and non-infringing products. Biophore respects the innovative approach and ensure every innovation is reinforced with intellectual property. In a move to bolster the capabilities and contribute to an affordable medicine, Biophore acquired a solid oral formulation manufacturing facility “Zenara Pharmaceuticals”. This acquisition offers a higher degree of flexibility to Biophore’s customers by decreasing the costs involved in identifying and adapting a suitable CMO. Zenara, is EU GMP compliant is accredited with certifications from WHO GMP; EU GMP; ZAZIBONA, DCA and DHMA. Biophore, now is focused on implementing the quality procedures in order to make the facility to be compliant with US FDA standards. The facility offers contracts services in manufacture of solid oral dosage forms. Zenara, specialized in manufacture of capsules, gels & lozenges is renowned for manufacturing gums and lozenges for Nicotine replacement therapy. Biophore, using the capabilities of the new acquisition and applying the technology of gums & lozenges is led towards developing a Novel Drug Delivery Systems for generic medicines. This year, Biophore is in its 10th anniversary year, and to celebrate the firm is focused on making its mark in the Biosimilars, Biobetter and Next Gen antibody macromolecules while continuing to excel in the field of small molecule generics. Biophore strives to contribute to better medicine by adapting and applying the latest technology involved in Pharmaceuticals by providing an inclusive atmosphere to its employees and though constant upgradation in operational excellence. Overall, Biophore’s aim is to continue its position midst of most reliable knowledge based firms in the API sector and create an impact in the finished dosage form development segment in the immediate near-future through customer-focused approach. Pharmaceuticals Private Limited Contact: Jagadeesh Babu Rangisetty Contact Email: [email protected] Address: Plot#92; 1-98/2/92, Kavuri Hills – Phase II, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad, India Phone: +914047474545 Website: www.biophore.com