APAC Indian Excellence Awards 2017

4 APAC / Indian Business Awards 2017 , AscentHR assist in building a unified and agile human capital management system, which is intuitive and interactive, while supporting the needs of back office in managing payroll and benefits by way of outsourced services. Subramanyam S discusses the firm’s service offering in more detail and outlines how it works to ensure the clients receive the very highest standards of service and support. As an emerging global leader in the H R outsourcing space, AscentHR provides innovative and customised solutions to any enterprise irrespective of its size / scale. Our solutions address the needs from integrated H R outsourcing solutions or complicated multi country Payroll services to handling benefits and Compliance services across several countries in South East Asia, EMEA and Latin/South America. AscentHR helps organisations increase their competitive advantage with custom built solutions based on a vast domain experience of astute professionals supported by the latest technology. Our customers therefore, have the power to meet business challenges with confidence because they have strengthened their infrastructure and processes to be flexible, accessible, efficient, and secure. “Our Compliance and Consulting strength gives us the edge as a unique organisation in India which can assure risk free INB17002 Best HRO Services Provider 2017 AscentHR has been engaged in the business of powering enterprises inmanaging their HR Service Delivery over the last 15 years. We invited SubramananyamS to tell us more about the firmand the range of services it offers. compliance management while providing support at many locations across India through its web based technology tools. Additionally, our solutions are industry agnostic and our clients are spread across several industries including information technology, BPO, pharmaceuticals, education, health care, logistics, discreet manufacturing , entertainment, media etc. Our reach across all important cities in India coupled with the hybrid or custom solutions which can be integrated with legacy systems makes us a unique H R Solutions Vendor counted among the top 3 service providers in similar space within India.” What truly sets the firm apart, according to Subramanyam S, is that it precisely addresses the anomaly of varied H R Practices across industry through its 360 degree HR Management Solutions that transform the HR service delivery. While these solutions accomplish cost reduction, greater efficiencies and improved quality, the firm’s larger effort is aimed at improving organizational efficiency and not just creating incremental change, as Subramanyam S explains. “AscentHR has achieved our aims by building the right mix of skills and knowledge required for an effective Outsourced HR Management function. Our solutions employ a matrix of technology, domain expertise, streamlined business workflow, and highly skilled people to create tangible, measurable, performance improvements throughout the client’s organization. “As such, AscentHR is recognized as one of the most trusted partners in this business by clients around the world. We work as an extension of our client’s business. Our management and delivery teams are passionate about building efficiencies in our clients’ business. Our bespoke technology solutions for H R Needs are unique in the industry and are backed by the best of industry practices in Data management, Information Security, Data Privacy, anywhere access and very user friendly processes.” Looking ahead, AscentHR has many exciting plans to grow even further and expand globally, as Subramanyam S proudly concludes. “Currently, AscentHR is present in 27 countries and we are scaling the reach rapidly and would be available in 50 countries within a short span of two years. While the first effort in establishing technology and knowledge practice took a slightly longer time, we are confident this experience will come in handy in the new geographies. We will be in the pilot phase for, the largest consumer of this service, North America, during the year and are confident of scaling up in the following year. In addition, we have already covered the global growth oriented economies and look forward to establishing Europe in 2018. “The business operations are largely driven by Technology and Highly Skilled Manpower and are less reliant on Capex as such. Having said that, Go to Market for new geographies, which the company wants to reach in the current and the next financial year, would have a need for cash burn and the company believes that its on-going cash accruals can meet significant needs, at the same time, augmenting financial sources is not a constraint given the excellent track record and huge market potential of the company, either by way of debt or equity should such need arise, in a short time. We see our Company as one of the global leader in Providing HR management services in the next 5 years.” Contact: Subramanyam S Contact Email: [email protected] Address: #420, 100 Feet Road 4th Block Koramangala Bangalore, Karnataka, 560034, India Phone: 0091 80 4009 9500