APAC 2018 Hong Kong Business Awards

9 APAC / 2018 Hong Kong Business Awards Company: Queenie Foong Kwin Tan Phone: 00852 9314 1148 Website: www.QueenieTan.com Parenting Coach of the Year 2018 g Parenting Coach of the Year 2018 to utilise her knowledge in her area of expertise to help find the best solution. Additionally, since Queenie received all her qualifications and specialised training from Western Societies, she is in the best position to bring a more progressive, research based approach to her clientele. To acknowledge her success, Queenie was selected for an award from APAC Insider in the Hong Kong Business Awards for Best Parent Education Services & Support in 2017. In order to build and capitalise on her success, Queenie is constantly looking to collaborate with other experts which will provide better education programs for clients. Later this year, Queenie is planning to work with UK’s Leading Child Anxiety and Trauma Expert, designing and implementing programs for parents that will aid parents with highly anxious children, developing resilience. Finally, Queenie is developing a program specifically for parents of school aged children who are struggling with learning difficulties, or are unmotivated with school work. This program educates parents in teaching their children entrepreneurial skills and financial literacy, significantly increasing the child’s potential for success. Despite facing many challenges, nothing seems to be stopping Queenie from achieving her dream of helping parents to help their children thrive.